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House Valur Announcement: Consolidation Into Family

[It is my honor and pleasure to share this here – Val]

HVAs of today, members of the esteemed House Valur will act as one family within the Vampyre Community.

In what is hoped to be the first example of its kind in the South African Vampyre Community, the House membership will consolidate its VC-related assets into one grouping, creating something not unlike a conventional family structure, and harking also after similar House/Coven structures abroad. Continue reading


2015, A Year Of Change & Growth

2015With each new year, SAVA continues to change and grow from strength to strength. Starting the new year off with a bang, we can see that 2015 will be no different!

Among the changes already apparent very early in 2015, we see a resignation and several promotions, and the likely announcement of imminent Senatorial elections. Continue reading

Taking The SAVC To New Heights – by Lunah Valur Eir

ScreenShot004The Voices of the Vampire Community – better known as the VVC, has again added new members from South Africa to its membership. Continue reading

A Question Of Elders – by Psion Valur De Nocte


It seems that the ‘hot topic’ of the moment in the wide VC is ELDERS….who are they? What are they? How do we know who they are? And should we care? Continue reading

Psi Hunger – by Psion

f_SunLightEnem_963f880While reading an article about feeding by a good friend of mine, I was thinking about it and realized that I’m a very lucky vamp. I am in an envious position where I have almost unlimited supplies of ambient energy to feed on, so much so, that most of the time I feel totally ‘normal’ and can almost forget that I’m a vamp…..almost, but not quite. This is a bit what the hunger is like for me as a psi vamp. Continue reading

None So Blind…

Sooooo, I was perusing my news feed on FB and saw some posts about pit-bulls and personally, I think that pit-bulls get a bad rap. You don’t really get bad dogs, you get bad owners and that got me thinking about the whole nature vs nurture thing and narrow minded thinking. Continue reading

A Rose By Any Other Name – by Psion Valur De Nocte

In days gone by, Pagans had to hide themselves to avoid persecution and even death. Even in more recent times, since the introduction of the world wide web, Pagans have felt the need to hide their identities and often did that by using an alias, which might have been a magical or craft name or simply a name they picked because they liked it. Modern day Pagans realized the necessity to have a way to be who they were, without risking their jobs, families, reputations by being labelled a witch or whatever else they happened to be. Continue reading