The Story of Willow – as told by Aunty Lunah

Slide1.PNGMarch 29th, 2016. 13h15.

Life as the d’Eir tribe knew it, changed forever.

It was a beautifully sunny day at Frankie’s place, where we’d all met up to celebrate Chevelle’s (Frankie’s daughter) birthday. The potjie was on the fire, the red wine was flowing, there was playful banter and laughter all around. Needless to say, it was a perfect day to find out that two of my closest friends, Tamaryn and Dagan Nightalon, had decided to try for another baby.

Naturally the news went down well, as this baby would be the first baby born into Coven d’Eir as well as the first “niece or nephew” that I’d have the pleasure of seeing grow right from the beginning.

I was overjoyed, talking in ‘Dory whale-talk’ to Tam’s belly – and getting stung by a hornet FOUR TIMES! I already knew that I would love this baby as my own.

A week later whilst cooking dinner, my phone rang, and it was Tam asking me to check my phone. I did – and I was hit head-on by the best news and the most beautiful photo! Seth (Tam and Dagan’s first-born) holding a board reading: “I’m going to be a big brother!” The smile on that child’s face was contagious – and before I knew it, I was on the phone to Tam, tears of joy streaming down my face.


The months came and went by so quickly, Tam’s belly grew – and the whale-talk continued as we felt this little baby kick and move! We discovered that we would be blessed with a little girl and I fell more and more in love with this little soul every day. Seth started his journey to becoming a big brother while he and Tam and Dagan went through various names trying to find the perfect one. Small changes took effect in the house as Tam started nesting. Baby items were unpacked and set out, and the fact that we would be welcoming a new family member soon started to register.

Frankie and I arranged a baby shower for Tam and Dagan. The day turned out to be a wonderful one, as always happens when the tribe meets!


Eventually the day dawned – and all of us were so excited! Scared, but excited! I was terrified that she’d scream if I picked Willow up and what on earth would I do if she didn’t like me?

I put all those doubts away and went to work where I stayed until noon, picked up Frankie and Tam’s mom, and we were soon on our way to meet the little new addition to our family.

It was a frustrating wait, as we had arrived just after Tam had gone into the theater. So we waited and smoked and waited some more. We popped our heads through the doors every time they opened in the hope of catching a glimpse of someone. Dagan stood there shaking his head at us, laughing.

The first one out was Willow. I felt the flutters as my heart was stolen at that moment! She was perfect! Willow was wide awake and responsive, her eyes darting all over (probably looking for me – her favorite aunty ha ha), wrinkles all over – just the most beautiful little thing I’d seen since the birth of my own little girl!

We all hugged and tears of joy flowed. She was finally here! Now we could start the next step of this already wonderful journey with Willow Anne Nightalon.

Born on the 29th of March, 2016 at 13h15. Weighing in at 2.69 kg and reaching a whole 50 cm’s tall!


Massive heartfelt congratulations to Tamaryn and Dagan Nightalon on the birth of their little girl! You guys did good! Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives!


[Heartfelt and sincere congratulations to Dagan, Tamaryn and Seth Nightalon on the arrival of baby Willow! ~ Octarine Valur, Regent of the SAVA.]


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