The Future of the SA VC – Decided

The survey launched on last Friday has now closed. As promised, the results are tallied and posted below for transparency.

Despite the survey being linked to and distributed across all known South African VC groups as well as cross-posted to in local Pagan groups and even a few international VC groups, and several admonitions to complete the survey, the number of responses received in this week was only 25.


Q01: “I Identify as”. Most of those participating in the survey self-identified as Vampyres/Vampires/ vampyric persons.


Q02. 40% of 25 respondents felt that SAVA is good for the VC, with 28% voting that SAVA was doing a great job.


Q03. 80% of 25 respondents felt that the SAVA should carry on as before, with 20% saying SAVA should close down.


Q04. While the majority – 56% of 25 respondents on this question replied ‘not applicable’, the majority meaningful response on this question – 20% voted that the SAVA should ‘stay as it is’. At least some of the respondents appeared to desire a return to the previous High Council (8%) and Shadow Senate (12%) systems. Only 4% desire a monarchistic system.


Q05. Again with the majority of responses ‘undecided or N/A’ at 52%,  28% of 25 respondents voted in favor of adopting a more scientific based corporate culture for the SAVA.


Q06. The majority in this case responded 58% (of 24 respondents) in favor of the SAVA including traditional VC groups such as Covens, Houses etc.


Q07. 56% of 23 respondents felt that the SAVA should continue the use of the word “vampyre” and continue to perpetuate the stereotype associated with the word.


Q08. 45.83% of respondents feel the SAVA should be open to membership for participants of the SA VC who want to join it, as opposed to the 16.67% of those who supported the idea that the SAVA should continue to manage membership on invitation only.


Q09. 58% of 24 respondents feel that SAVA’s members should elect its own leaders, representatives and functionaries.


Q10. Only 8% of 25 respondents feel that Octarine Valur should leave the SA VC altogether – with a mere 12% wanting her to step down as Regent. 68% a clear majority – voted that she should continue as Regent, and another 12% voting in favor of her becoming the SA VC’s first monarch.

Further announcements to follow.


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