Congratulations, Lunah!

VVCCongratulations to Lady Lunah Valur Eir (Primus of Coven d’Eir, Secundus of House Valur, Praetor to the Regency at SAVA) on her induction into that prestigious, greatly respected and noteworthy international body known as the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)! 

This is a proud moment for the South African VC, for me as Regent, and as her friend and former mentor – Lunah is only the third South African to become a member of this elite organization, so far!

Congratulations to the members of Coven d’Eir – your Primus is a local community leader who serves as an inspiration for us all to keep on making a difference, even under trying and difficult circumstances.

May our community continue to grow and prosper and produce many more such members who contribute to the growth and prosperity of our culture and community – here in South Africa, and overall. May she continue to inspire us!

Octarine Valur.


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