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Otherkin – Of Heaven Or Hell? – by Samael Anathan

SamIt has come to my attention that there are various types of otherkin out there that the majority are still unaware of, so in this I will attempt to familiarize the SAVC with these other types of Kin. In this first article in the series we are going to look at celestial kin, much misunderstood and as with the vampire romanticized and demonized to suit the purposes of the masses and propaganda. Continue reading


Pagans In The VC – by Serephim Lena Karayan

pentacleMost Vampyres are Pagan but very few Pagans are Vampyres. Even fewer it seems, are “practicing” Christians. My struggles with finding myself have always left me searching in different directions for a religion, a belief system, a purpose if you will. Witchcraft has always intrigued me, but I was raised in the belief that it was ‘wrong’. I researched religion – from Christianity, Buddhism Islam, to Hinduism. None of these religions made sense to me; there were too many questions that had no answers. I tried practising a few of them but I felt no connection, no purpose. When I figured out that I was a Vampyre, it came as a huge relief to me. Before that, I really thought something was wrong with me – I found myself constantly seducing people and feeding off their desire. My friends put it down to “commitment issues” but I knew there was more to it . The need I felt for their desire had to be more than just a “little” issue – and then fate led me to Kay, who enlightened me in so many ways. Continue reading

Christians vs Christian Extremists – By Lunah Valur Eir

B4_Rice__s160x206Human beings spend a lot of their time – far too much time, I think, seeking what they think is perfection. Some think they will find this in religion – and that following a religion will somehow make them perfect. The desire for perfection – to be perfect, when it spills over from one’s own life, into the lives of others, when it becomes an obsession – gives them the self-assurance that they can show others how to be ‘perfect’ as well – and if they resist, to force that vision of perfection on them.

This quest comes at a price, driving some to insanity and others to extremism, with a very thin line in between.

Especially when it comes to religion…

Continue reading

Vampyre Bytes: For Creativity That Sinks Its Teeth Into You

VB2Vampyre Bytes is a South African outlet for fiction and creativity created by participants in the  Vampyre Community, primarily in South Africa, but also elsewhere. It is a site that features visual art, having the capacity to showcase video, photography,  or images of other art forms such as sculpture, painting, drawing or graphic design, audio and music, writing art including fiction, poetry and other narrative forms – and it’s looking for YOU. Continue reading

A Lesson From Lestat – by Cian Ashling


 Many in the VC may think that there is very little to be learnt from Literary Vampires. Surely the romanticised and far-fetched living dead have very little, if nothing, in common with the very real Vampyre of today. And yet, having spent some time in reflection away from the world, I have come to understand that this Vampyre has garnered some interesting pearls of wisdom from books. Continue reading

Lady Dark Rose: An Opinion Poll – by Lunah Eir

Julia-Caples-with-her-son-Alexei-LazarBy now many in the VC have heard about Julia Caples AKA Lady Dark Rose. Some are fans, others not. Some choose to remain quiet while some are outspoken in their opinions. It is for this reason that I wanted to do this article – if someone wants that badly to be in the public eye, then they should know what the public thinks about them. Continue reading

Opinion: The SAPC Chat Of 13 May – by Lunah Eir

41-54-celticpentagramstickerThis article is an opinion piece about the debate held on the SA Pagan Council group on Facebook regarding Vampyrism and Satanism in regards to Pagan religion in South Africa. My first instinct was to do research about the religions and groups involved. I believe, as with everything in life, you cannot do it properly if you don’t know what you’re talking about – which perhaps, proves the point of the debate itself. I set out to try to absorb as much information as I could on Paganism and Satanism.

….. And then I picked up the transcript of the debate. Continue reading