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Nadine Maritz is a new South African author who recently came to the attention of the SA Vampyre Community by way of an interview she did with Real Vampire News (RVN) in early April 2012.

The RVN article focused on the external views on the real VC from a Shinai (non-Vampyre) perspective. She was interviewed by SA Vampyre News on April 18 2012.


Nadine Maritz ( formerly known as Cloete) was born in 1981 in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa’s City of Gold. A variety of influencing factors and individuals has helped shape her journey towards writing this her first novel.

She grew up during the apartheid era and was exposed to numerous cultural influences within South Africa. In her youth she participated in and excelled at various cultural and creative activities at school. She has always loved reading and writing, and made the leap into novel-writing in her late twenties while juggling a full-time career in the property industry, marriage and the parenting of her two children. Writing became an important part of her “me-time” or when she needed time to escape reality.

Her book, “My Addiction – My Gift; My Curse” originated during a period in her life when she wanted to create a legacy. It was birthed during a time where she was struggling with her own addictions.

Nadine is a creative, candid woman, who relies on her emotions and experiences to create memorable fiction, and trusts her gut for inspiration.

Snare becomes a vampire after losing her human family. While she had been addicted to vampire tales when alive, she never imagined any of it to be true. An impulsive quirky girl, Rogue smokes, rides a motorbike, collapses when least expected, loves cerise pink and tries to study some forms of martial arts. Her adventures lead her to tour the globe in a frantic search for knowledge about her kind, and on the way she finds eternal love.

While the main characters are predominantly vampires, the story includes an exciting range of characters with extravagant abilities – the closest comparisons would be characters in “X-men”, “Transformers” and “Twilight”. Readers are transported to various times and places where they are caught up in dark, intriguing thriller fiction laced with fast bikes, complex characters and humour.

“My addiction – My Gift; My Curse” is a story written on two levels. The novel begins during the main character’s current existence and expands to include her review of the life she’s led since the day she was transformed. It is circular rather than linear and certain events alluded to or described at the beginning of the book gain a deeper significance once the entire novel has been read.

Readers glean an insight into Snare’s character and current state of mind and, separate to that – in the main story – the reader is taken on a journey of reflection.

This is the first novel of a series. It therefore also serves as an introduction to the different characters and gives the reader an insight into their backgrounds, emotions and circumstances, paving the way for the action to come in the rest of the series.

It’s a modern, contemporary story, told in a way that people can relate to easily. The series is set predominantly in Africa yet it has universal appeal, and the plot takes one on richly rendered excursions to the Old World and other parts of the New.

It is also an interesting bilingual read; the first of its kind. This is a feature that adds to rather than detracts from the theme.

“My addiction – My Gift; My Curse” was created to be a compelling yet light read that allows the reader to escape into a completely new world.

It’s the start of a circle that has to be completed.

Copyright © 2011 Nadine Cloete


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