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The SA Vampyre Academy Reiki Survey: How It Came About

EinsteinI’ve always been curious about what we as self-identifying Vampyres are – and as a vamp myself, what it is that makes us different from other people – if we are at all different – and if so, if there is a way to identify us by these differences.

For a while I have been consulting various Reiki practitioners – face to face and online, for a variety of different reasons. In July I was chatting to a Reiki practitioner who has become fairly well-known in the local VC as a Reiki healer specializing in the care of Vampyres or ‘vampyric people’ as some prefer to be called.

The topic came up about how a Reiki healer might be able to tell the difference between a Vampyre and a non-Vampyre, and if a random Reiki healer might even notice a difference between the two. Continue reading


Vampirology Poll Ruffles A Few Feathers

In the past few days, a poll was posted on the Vampyre Academy website, one which asked essentially one question twice with two sets of alternative answers. The poll began with a statement:

“The dictionary defines a vampirologist as ‘one who studies vampirology’ or ‘A person that researches, studies, and discusses vampires in both the fictional and real world and the trends that follow them.’ Please give your input on how you as a VC participant think a vampirologist should measure up to this definition.” Continue reading

For The SA VC: A Brief Description Of Real Life Vampyre Groups – & Why We Need Them – by Octarine Valur

What is a ‘house’ in Vampyre culture? And what is a ‘coven’?

In South Africa, there have been several groups known as Houses. House Valur is perhaps the most well known here, followed by House of Havoc, and there is also Coven d’Eir.  While some have contributed immensely to the growth of the culture in their own ways, numerous others have surfaced in our community over the years, but it seems took a deep breath, and then sank below the surface never to be heard from again. What are these groups and why do we need groups like them? Continue reading

Sang Castles, Fangtasies And Other Tales – by Octarine Valur

Recently there was some upset in the VC about, what else – but Vampyres? This article is not an attempt to prolong existing arguments, to incite new arguments about who is “more” of a Vampyre than who, or to place blame for any past events – or to take cheap shots at anybody. It is a simple examination of our history as a community, and about the issues raised in a number of separate debates, some in public, and some in private.

As with any discussion, we should begin at the starting point – a baseline, and for this discussion, it is this: Some people, particularly modern participants of the VC, understand that the Vampyre Community as we understand it today – that is, the online aspect of this subculture, once had no ‘Psis’ or ‘Hybrids’ at all. These individuals have stated that it once consisted exclusively of blood drinkers, and that it was founded by sanguine Vampyres. Psi-vamps – or psychic or energy vampires, are regarded by these same individuals, as an external group which was ‘allowed’ to identify as Vampyres and to participate in Vampyre groups due to what some have called ‘a lapse in standards and liberal allowance’.

In contrast to opinions expressed lately from some quarters, chiefly sanguine, I see no need to segregate the community, on or offline, based upon feeding method… and like any reasonable person, I can understand the need for sang-only forums and psi-only forums, which are there to deal with feeding issues – but what these individuals have described lately is a total separation, on and offline… and based not upon logic or some morally justifiable reason – but upon a festering dislike based upon the same lack of knowledge and ignorance as what sparked off the first conflict – and that I don’t agree with.

The posts made by most of those in favor of segregation of psi and sang participants frequently include derogatory language, leaving the reader in little doubt that they bear a festering hate for psi’s and ‘hybrid’ feeders. I’m a sanguine too – but I can’t wrap my head around that way of thinking. Continue reading

Pagans In The VC – by Serephim Lena Karayan

pentacleMost Vampyres are Pagan but very few Pagans are Vampyres. Even fewer it seems, are “practicing” Christians. My struggles with finding myself have always left me searching in different directions for a religion, a belief system, a purpose if you will. Witchcraft has always intrigued me, but I was raised in the belief that it was ‘wrong’. I researched religion – from Christianity, Buddhism Islam, to Hinduism. None of these religions made sense to me; there were too many questions that had no answers. I tried practising a few of them but I felt no connection, no purpose. When I figured out that I was a Vampyre, it came as a huge relief to me. Before that, I really thought something was wrong with me – I found myself constantly seducing people and feeding off their desire. My friends put it down to “commitment issues” but I knew there was more to it . The need I felt for their desire had to be more than just a “little” issue – and then fate led me to Kay, who enlightened me in so many ways. Continue reading

Christians vs Christian Extremists – By Lunah Valur Eir

B4_Rice__s160x206Human beings spend a lot of their time – far too much time, I think, seeking what they think is perfection. Some think they will find this in religion – and that following a religion will somehow make them perfect. The desire for perfection – to be perfect, when it spills over from one’s own life, into the lives of others, when it becomes an obsession – gives them the self-assurance that they can show others how to be ‘perfect’ as well – and if they resist, to force that vision of perfection on them.

This quest comes at a price, driving some to insanity and others to extremism, with a very thin line in between.

Especially when it comes to religion…

Continue reading

Download This – STAT! – by Val

ARF bannerIn April 2013, appalled by the complete lack of regard for the human rights and dignity of people of non-Christian/non-Abrahamic religions in the Media, Press and in para-statal bodies in terms of professional ethics, equal treatment under law and in journalism, several representatives of minority religious groups and alternative identities in South Africa formed the Alternative Religions Forum. Earlier this week, the ARF released its long-awaited edu-formative document: “Satanism: The Acid Test”, or STAT – a 469 page tome containing material contributed by Pagans, Satanists, a few Christians – and yes, Vampyres. Continue reading