Lady Dark Rose: An Opinion Poll – by Lunah Eir

Julia-Caples-with-her-son-Alexei-LazarBy now many in the VC have heard about Julia Caples AKA Lady Dark Rose. Some are fans, others not. Some choose to remain quiet while some are outspoken in their opinions. It is for this reason that I wanted to do this article – if someone wants that badly to be in the public eye, then they should know what the public thinks about them.

I am referring to the article from a few weeks ago by Octarine Valur entitled “Craving The Limelight: Julia Caples (Lady DarkRose)“. Wanting to gain some insight into how others in the community (and even outside it) felt, I conducted several interviews over the course of two weeks. I approached people from all walks of life, including participants of the local VC, including Vampyres, non-Vampyres, and also with those completely unaware of real Vampyres, both for and against. This proved to be quite educational and refreshing, taking a step back from my own opinions and views and hearing what others had to say. Herewith, a special ‘thank-you’ to all of those who agreed to do the interview with me.

We’ll start with the Shinai outside of the VC:

Although many had seen the articles and/or YouTube clip or heard the broadcast on East Coast Radio (Durban’s premier radio station), they still did not believe in Real Vampyres.

A number said that this “lifestyle” is purely a fetish and the acts of someone who “isn’t quite right” as quoted from *Candice, mother of 2.

Others were blasé about the issue, saying that they personally weren’t affected by it but were troubled by the fact that her young son was interviewed and featured in it all, and what that could mean for the VC in future.

One Shinai person was quoted saying:

“I’m a little disappointed. If there are real vampyres and this is how they act. I prefer the vamps in my books.” – *Anne

There were a lot of mixed feelings from participants of the VC. Some applauded Lady Dark Rose for coming out into the public eye and follow her enthusiastically, saying things like:

“I believe what Lady Dark Rose has done will benefit us, maybe not right now, but it will. I’m looking forward to the documentary coming out as promised. I think this will encourage others to be open as well.” – *Brian

As with every topic available, there are those who choose to be neutral and remain so. *Cecile said:

“I really don’t care. As long as she’s not in my face and her actions don’t affect me and my life, I’m not really bothered to be honest.” 

Many more vocal participants in the local VC, were unhappy regarding the articles written about her and especially the 4 minute YouTube clip. There were Psi-Vampyres that were hurt and saddened by the comments made about Psi-Vampyres, *Bradlee said:

“It hurts and angers me at the same time. She has no right to put us down, just because we don’t fit her idea of Real Vampyres. For this reason, I dislike her immensely and would be happy if I never hear the words Lady Dark Rose again.”

Sanguinarians especially were dismayed at the lack of proper hygiene during preparation and after-care and the effect that this could all have on the community here in South Africa and other small communities around the world as well, should the local VC come under attack on the basis of this material.

 *Jesse said:

“It just makes me angry. Some of us work so hard to get where we are and then some hero wannabe comes and destroys it. It’s not fair. It’s easy going on air and dressing up, what’s hard is being able to help people without wanting recognition or fame. It doesn’t matter whether they know your name or not.” 

In conclusion, taking into consideration the uproar and the praise, it seems as though Lady Dark Rose’s quest for media infamy has quietened down a little – for now anyway.

Is her star still shining elsewhere or has it burnt out?

[*Names have been changed.]


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2 responses to “Lady Dark Rose: An Opinion Poll – by Lunah Eir

  • Serenity

    I am on the fence about this one. I think either way her actions will have an impact on our community, whether negative or positive. We will have to wait for what the future holds. I am biased though, I am a friend of hers and on the staff of her Dark Rose Journal. But I am trying to remain impartial and open minded here.
    I am interested in seeing this biography though. You will have to do a post when it comes out for I never know when things like this comes out 🙂

  • vampyrian

    Oh for crying out loud this is hardly a problem; Father Todd calls the community fake and sells Vampyrism as a fashion for profit. The only big problem in the community is lifestylers claiming to be real Vampyres and people who sell the community and Vampyrism for profit. This is no big deal and people should be free to have their opinions without being railroaded as serious offenders. I have no problem with her whatsoever…

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