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Coven d’Eir To Host 2015 Durban Pagan Freedom Day

Coven d’Eir (Durban) will be hosting the 2015 PFD event for the area.

Proceeds will go to charity – “The Center for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife” (C.R.O.W.)

Entry and tables are free.

Flyer below:
CdE PFD poster 2015


SAVA Challenges Slanderers To Provide Proof

Over the past few weeks, actions which appear to be a part of a co-ordinated and deliberate attack on the good relations between the SA Vampyre Community and SA Pagan Community, have come to SAVA’s attention. Several individuals presenting themselves to the Pagan community (and most likely to outsiders) as community leaders have been observed posting comments in various forums in which they claim that “vampires are poisoning paganism”.

Additionally, they are also claiming that in several articles pertaining to the Vampyre Community and subculture in South Africa – ostensibly written by the Regent of the SAVA, Octarine Valur – which were also cross-posted on Penton Alternative Media between 2011 and the present, guidelines are provided to Vampyres on how to ‘bleed pet dogs and cats’ for feeding purposes. Continue reading

Pagans In The VC – by Serephim Lena Karayan

pentacleMost Vampyres are Pagan but very few Pagans are Vampyres. Even fewer it seems, are “practicing” Christians. My struggles with finding myself have always left me searching in different directions for a religion, a belief system, a purpose if you will. Witchcraft has always intrigued me, but I was raised in the belief that it was ‘wrong’. I researched religion – from Christianity, Buddhism Islam, to Hinduism. None of these religions made sense to me; there were too many questions that had no answers. I tried practising a few of them but I felt no connection, no purpose. When I figured out that I was a Vampyre, it came as a huge relief to me. Before that, I really thought something was wrong with me – I found myself constantly seducing people and feeding off their desire. My friends put it down to “commitment issues” but I knew there was more to it . The need I felt for their desire had to be more than just a “little” issue – and then fate led me to Kay, who enlightened me in so many ways. Continue reading

Opinion: The SAPC Chat Of 13 May – by Lunah Eir

41-54-celticpentagramstickerThis article is an opinion piece about the debate held on the SA Pagan Council group on Facebook regarding Vampyrism and Satanism in regards to Pagan religion in South Africa. My first instinct was to do research about the religions and groups involved. I believe, as with everything in life, you cannot do it properly if you don’t know what you’re talking about – which perhaps, proves the point of the debate itself. I set out to try to absorb as much information as I could on Paganism and Satanism.

….. And then I picked up the transcript of the debate. Continue reading

Mrs. Unusual and Mr. Mundane – by Psion Valur

Soooo, what is it like to be married to a witch/psi vamp?? Well if you asked my husband that question, he could only answer part of it. Why? Because although he knows I’m a witch (and part of what goes with that) he has no idea that I’m a psi vamp, probably wouldn’t understand what a psi vamp is, or even think that such a person exists.

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The Vampyre Community and my (belated/delayed) awakening

[Article written by Psion Valur] As an energy worker, I have had a fascination with energy for a very long time and that fascination has never ceased. I often wondered why I was so fascinated and over the years had a suspicion why, but never really wanted to look into it. I guess because if I looked into it, I might have to admit something to myself that I wasn’t then ready to admit.

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My First Encounter With The SA Vampire Comunity

Until fairly recently, my interest in vampires was purely fictional (books/movies/tv series) and that was fine – but for various reasons, I started exploring my shadow side (and THAT is whole other story lol) and with that exploration, vampires came into my life…

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