About SA Vampyre News

SA Vampyre News is a news agency established on 6 June 2011 to serve the Vampyre Community in South Africa, to provide news coverage on issues affecting the Community – such as its activity and growth, and the gradual exposure of our subculture to the Shinai world.

In the context of the Vampyre Community becoming more known to Shinai (mundane) society, one of the functions of SA Vampyre News is to provide an insight into the world of vampyric people, to explain terminology and also to clarify misconceptions and misunderstandings.

SAVN will also post articles in blog format contributed by community members, providing their own take on vampyrism, Vampyre nature and on issues affecting the local community, and the community itself. (Blog articles express the personal views of the writer and not necessarily the views of SAVN).

SAVN strives to bring as much original and local content to the attention of the SA VC, and as far as is possible, at least one post per day for weekdays, including esoteric and spiritual issues surrounding vampyrism, fashion, trends and lifestyle articles, and especially news articles on recent local and international events in the VC. Since SAVN began, we have posted more than 200 articles.

Over the past year we have conducted interviews with authors, both established and up-and-coming in the vampire fiction genre (such as Nadine Maritz, Lorelei Bell, Nerine Dorman, and Carole Gill), as well as some of the internationally known founders, personalities, and long-term members of the modern international VC (like Sanguinarius, Michelle Belanger, Belfazaar Ashantison, Deacon Gray, Cheri LBW, Mistwolf, and others). Additionally we have featured interviews of local personalities who have contributed and featured in the affairs of the local SA VC, including Samael Anathan, Jhenephyr Phoenix Liliam, Lamia Satanei, Psion Valur De Nocte, Kay Valkir Noctem, and Octarine Valur.

We have also worked to bring lifestyle articles into the mix, such as fashion hints and tips, the mechanics, philosophy and background of certain kinds of fashion or styles such as Goth and Emo, music reviews and the occasional band or artist interview, such as the Chris Pohl interview (of the band “Blutengel”) in August 2012.

SAVN – for the South African community.


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