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Interview – Sonja Ruppersberg and Paul Blom Talk – Terminatryx and HorrorFest – by Nadine



What was your vision for Terminatryx when you decided to start the project?

Initially the project was going to be a fun activity for my friend Christina and I.  We wanted to be in a band, like most people, and like most people we did not realize how much went into it  🙂 Paul agreed to write some material for us and before we even knew what was happening we had material and an invitation to perform live with a touring band from Germany, Diary of Dreams.  The intention was always to get to that point at some stage, but we never thought that it would happen so fast. Continue reading


Music With Vampires: Schoolcraft – by Val

Schoolcraft2Schoolcraft is a rising star, a solo artist with big plans and plenty to back them up. Her solo work is crystal clear, soulful and melodic with a haunting gothic edge. Her image is dark, sensual and delicious – and fun! SA Vampyre News is pleased to bring you an interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft. Continue reading

In Tune: Bon Jovi Concert Review – by Nadine

Bon Jovi 0When Bon Jovi came into my life at the age of 15, they chiseled their music into parts of my soul – as I’m sure they have for many. While I could never understand why the young girls would faint and cry over Justin Bieber, I can now say in honesty – I do get it.   Continue reading

Vamp Band Or DJ? Delinquent Records Wants You!

DelinquentI am Nancy Chandler, Head of A&R and Distribution at Delinquent Records, USA.  Part of my job is scouting for new bands with a fresh sound that Delinquent can promote and distribute.  Delinquent Records is currently seeking new bands for our RESURRECTION SERIES 2013, a series of genre-specific various artist collections.  Please help Delinquent Records to spread the word to any up and coming bands, in press releases,  music blogs, as well as general artist opportunities.  Continue reading

Music With Vampires: Vampette – by Val


Vampette is a new band which makes overt reference to the image of the fictional vampire through its own image and music, and several of its members also happen to be participants in the real Vampyre Community. Today we chat to the band members and explore the band, their label and their make-up. Continue reading

In Tune: Adam Lambert Concert Review – by Nadine

Adam Lambert Live in Johannesburg – Friday, 19 November 2012

For anyone who follows the American Idols awards, I’m sure they would be familiar with the 2009 series that featured Adam Lambert – who in my opinion, should have won. For those who don’t know him – you are seriously missing out on something epic. Continue reading

Music With Vampires: Chris Pohl & Blutengel – by Val

For a number of years now, there has been a rising star among gothic bands. Of particular interest to real Vampyres is a band called Blutengel (“Blood Angel” in German), which has been singing about vampires and other topics of interest since 1998, all the while steadily climbing up the rankings on the international alternative music scene. Even though some of their tracks are sung almost exclusively in German, and only some in English, they have become immensely popular in the global Vampyre Community.

Here in South Africa, where those who speak Afrikaans (a local derivative of 17th century Dutch) can understand a lot of German words, they are especially popular among goths and Vampyres. When you consider the provocative lyrics, the sensual music, the gorgeous dark look of the band members, the outfits and the unique style – and the seductive music videos – all of which together evoke the image of the classical vampire – who can really wonder why? Many in the real Vampyre Community the world over are familiar with the band Blutengel – and in particular its lead singer and front man, Chris Pohl. Continue reading