In Tune: Bon Jovi Concert Review – by Nadine

Bon Jovi 0When Bon Jovi came into my life at the age of 15, they chiseled their music into parts of my soul – as I’m sure they have for many. While I could never understand why the young girls would faint and cry over Justin Bieber, I can now say in honesty – I do get it.  

On the 11 of May 2013, Bon Jovi came back, re-captured my every existence for an entire spree of 3 hours. While they haven’t been as much part of my life as they were in my teens they definitely  dragged me back to the days when life held little responsibility when just being in love, having love or being loved meant everything.

I cried when they started singing bed of roses, I screamed when they did bad medicine and so did 70 000 fans around me.  At first I thought 3 hours – he’s joking, I was worried that I would walk out there and feel that at R 950.00 a ticket ( and yes I bought 2) I might walk out there feeling like it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t worth the cash spent, the bonus money I just gave away. But boy was I in for a surprise.

IMG-20130511-00486 IMG-20130511-00488 IMG-20130511-00479

70 000 people’s voices trailed out of that arena, 70 000 people’s soles where cast back to a time, a memory, a moment that would be part of them forever.

This weekend I finally got it. I got how people would stand in queues for days before a concert, I understood the sleepless nights, the addicted spirit, the craving for more. This was my first ever big concert – I mean really Adam Lambert still has a lot to learn in comparison – yes, my first ever big concert. I saw men crumble under this bands power, woman scream in excitement, kids dance on rock and all I can say is thank fuck it was this awesome!

There were a few times – at least 3, where Jon himself seemed surprised, maybe even in awe of how JHB wouldn’t let him go, it was like an addiction, something we couldn’t get rid of, something we craved with every fibre because we knew while we had it, we were free.

It’s Monday – two days later and even now, I still get tears in my eyes when I replay the cell-phone clips, when I hear the crowd and I actually know, for one day I had something in common with 70 000 other people around me. Bon Jovi – Rocked.


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