Music With Vampires: Schoolcraft – by Val

Schoolcraft2Schoolcraft is a rising star, a solo artist with big plans and plenty to back them up. Her solo work is crystal clear, soulful and melodic with a haunting gothic edge. Her image is dark, sensual and delicious – and fun! SA Vampyre News is pleased to bring you an interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft.

Val: Lindsay, thank you for agreeing to the interview! Please tell us about your band. What inspired you to get into music as a career, to start a band?

“Sure! I’m a symphonic  solo artist by the name of Schoolcraft where I sing, play piano and harp, and write all of the music. I am also the live keyboardist for British Extreme Heavy metal band Cradle of Filth.”

Schoolcraft banner
When I was 15 I had a turn of events in high school that just drew me to music and writing and performing it. I never knew if I would be any good at it, but I essentially loved the feeling of performing and creating my own pieces.”

Val: Tell us something about yourself as an individual, your personal interests, hobbies, inspirations, experiences you would like to share?

“I was born in southern Ontario, Ajax to be exact. I have lived in Whitby my whole life, and lived in Oshawa, which I call my home town, for a few years. I lived in a small community and attended a catholic school for 14 years. My family is made up of artists and musicians who turned to blue collar jobs. So I had a good balance of both worlds. I also loved to sing and I once sang in a choir for the Wizard of Oz in elementary school. That is where and when at the age of 9 I learned about harmony and the possibilities. At first I thought I would become an artist or a zoologist so I dropped music for a few years, but when I was 15 I took it up again fully. I was lucky enough to have Arif from Protest The Hero as my bass teacher in High School.

Outside of music I am much about animal rights, veganism, creating head dresses and jewelry that I feel presents my inner mantras and totems inspired by my Native American Indian blood, my Native roots are important to me and I study them as much as possible. Other than that, singing, writing, and music is completely my life.”

Val: What sort of instruments or role you play in the band? What about your musical interests and influences, what bands or projects you worked with in the past or currently work with?

“I’m mainly a singer, but I also play the piano and harp. I also somewhat play bass and guitar. But composition is a key ingredient to my being as a musician as well. Some of my biggest influences have been Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre, VAST, Dimmu Borgir, Nightwish, and Within Temptation. I currently am a solo artist and play live keyboards and sing backups for Cradle of Filth. I also do backing vocals for a symphonic black metal band Daedalean Complex from Quebec City. I also have some other secret projects on the way, but I can’t say anything just yet. I did however finish a solo song with Dani Filth titled “Fading Star.”

Val: Do you tour, do you play live on stage, have you released any singles or albums yet? Do you have any samples up on the web? Tell us about them.

“I have toured the world with Cradle of Filth and have toured eastern Canada with Schoolcraft and other bands.”


Val: Please tell us a little about you or your band and it’s music and its connection to the vampire, and what inspired this association? Are you or any of your band members participants in the Vampi(y)re Community, and if so, did/does this play any part in your creation of the band, its image, the genre and feel of the music or marketing for the band?

“I am more of the dark fairy nymph type of gothic Alice when it comes to Schoolcraft. But with Cradle of Filth I feel like a dark accomplice who is up to no good. Kind of like a cat woman or Harley Quinn, you know? I think with Cradle of Filth it’s vampire influenced enough! Just look up any interview with Dani Filth!”

Val: How far do you take the imagery of the vampire/Vampyre in your music and lyrics? Do you wear fangs or use (fake) blood on stage, in your make-up or in your music videos, etc?

“Naw I just go more along the lines of black metal inspired mixed with a little dark pixie type! Maybe in the future though ;)”


Val: How do you view or feel about the real Vampi(y)re Community (in your area or internationally or both)?

“I attend many local gothic culture outings and embrace my dark creatures of the night, but I myself never have felt such a mantra. I do however love and appreciate it. But with working on animal surgery and actual blood the idea of it all over me… I dunno. I think I have an OCD for being clean! Haha.”

Val: Do people ever ask you/the band members if you are ‘real vampires’ etc.? What do you tell them?

“Me? No. The band, probably have in the past.”

Val: What is your favorite vampire movie, T.V. series or book, and your favorite fictional vampire character?

“Interview with a Vampire of course! I’ve read Bramm Stoker’s Dracula. I saw Twilight and it really pissed me off. Trueblood was alright… not brilliant!”

Val: Who is your favorite Vampi(y)re role model or inspirational figure in the VC?

“Dani Filth? LOL”

Val: Any message for the VC, and for readers of the SAVN?

“I am just your average girl living in a gothic world. Thanks for reading and sorry I am so out of date on Vampire culture. Maybe I’ll ask my partner in crime Dani more about it on a future tour.”

Val: What sort of reception do you/ your band get from the public? Are some people more friendly or hostile than others, and is this any different to how you are received in other places such as when you are on tour?

“Since my look for my solo work is more stripped down more people are more accepting of it. When I joined Cradle of Filth as part of the live act my mother was horrified. The rest of my local metal scene was pretty enthusiastic though.”

Val: How does the crowd/audience react to you on stage?

“With absolute brilliance.”

Val: What are the funniest and saddest things that have ever happened to you?

“Funniest? Too many to list. Saddest? I’m over it.”

Val: Would you like to share with us some of the highs and lows of your band so far and your hopes for it in the future?

“I have high and big hopes for both Schoolcraft and Cradle of Filth’s live act. With Schoolcraft it’s a big secret, but I think the new bigger sound will really intrigue listeners!”

Thanks again for the interview and we wish you the very best!

Listen online to Schoolcraft’s Album: Rushing Through The Sky and visit the official Facebook Page for Schoolcraft: Symphonic solo artist and Cradle of Filth’s live backing vocalist and keyboardist. Also, check out her pages on Vampyre Bytes.


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