Whine Of The Night

Got something to whine about? Something Vampyre or vampire related giving you a pain in the neck? Post your whines and whinges here.

The best Whine of the week (or the weak) will be published by SA Vampyre News.


One response to “Whine Of The Night

  • Hawke

    Good evening,
    Is this the first whine of the night? If so I am honoured to be the inaugural “whiner”…

    I do have a pain in the neck at the moment but that’s because of a hard and busy week at work last week and I’m not overly enamoured of the title “Whine of the night” it implies that any statement made here is simply a meaningless and useless bitch session that has no redeeming quality or feature, That’s why people don’t want to take advantage of the opportunity because they are made to feel belittled before they begin to state what, in their perception, is a very real concern or issue to them.

    Having said that;

    “Freedom of expression”, many of us enjoy the simple right to express ourselves in our own way. We embrace the opportunity as we see fit for ourselves, we do not embrace it for anyone else but ourselves and though EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion it is not necessary for us to agree with any other opinion but our own… this freedom of expression is guaranteed in the 1st amendment of the Constitution of my adopted homeland as well as in many other free-world countries. For people who don’t enjoy this freedom and can’t embrace it, I’m sorry, truly, but I can’t do anything about that.

    Now, the funny thing about Freedom of Expression is that there is always someone ready to tell you why you can’t have it and generally that is triggered by the critic’s lack of having the same thing or by personal like and/or dislike of the person exercising their freedom of expression.

    There are those whom I would early love to exercise my freedom of expression over but the big problem is that to do so would to put myself in danger of committing defamation or libel… so much for freedom of expression and that is probably why, when I see someone attempting to impose their own ethics, judgements and bias on another person who is simply exercising their ‘Freedom of expression’ it burns me up.

    “Freedom of association”, another basic human right that many have but many do not. Freedom of association not merely by the technical definition but by the personal definition of deciding who you like and who you don’t like. There are people I like and respect for who they are, not entirely for what they do. Similarly, there are people who I do not, have not and never will, like and the reasons for that are mine and mine alone. It matters not a fig what they have actually done, what their achievements are, or supposedly are nor less what they have given, in the abstract, to any part of any coalition of persons. If I dislike someone intensely I dislike them intensely and that’s that. I have no need nor desire to explain myself to anyone except perhaps those few I have strong respect for.

    I have my own system of grading people from the time I first come into contact with them and only their own deficiencies or their own proficiencies change the scores on my personal respect scale. There are those who are at zero on my respect quotient matrix, in my world, not to point too fine a point on it, they’re fucked…! I don’t even spend time thinking about them much less thinking about what they do. By contrast there are those who are somewhere around 150 to 180 on my respect quotient matrix. The point being is that EVERYONE gets 100 points of respect when I first come across them and it’s up to how they conduct themselves, what they do and how they act as to whether they build or squander their points tally. That’s my method for gauging people and allowing them the opportunity to “dig their own grave” so to speak.

    In the modern VC/OVC, having heard stories from the VC from people I respect highly as well as communicating and reading within the OVC, I am convinced of the following;

    1) There is no broader “community”. It’s a phantasm, a mirage that people cling to in the same way they cling to an invisible God to make themselves feel good.

    2) Given the fact that there is no “community” there can’t be any “progress” made by the wider “community” because it doesn’t exist.

    3) There are certain persons that are attempting to build some sort of self-defined “empire” that seeks to make and enforce the definitions of what vampyres and modern vampyrism is and is not. This is patently wrong as they are not speaking for the majority only for their own little club so ANYONE that gets into a mundane world public forum and tries to make out they are speaking for the whole rather than just themselves is simply indulging their own masturbatory inclinations.

    4) We do not need nor do we require, as vampyres, the approval of any other part of society… mundane or otherwise, to be what we are. Do other special interest or lifestyle groups require approval from society to be what they are?

    5) If certain people want to get in front of camera’s and try and convince the general mundane public of how shiny and squeaky clean and friendly modern vampires really are that’s fine, FOR THEM but I will not be included in such ‘circus acts’ in any way, even by offering tacit approval. I watch these self-interest antics and honestly, all I want to do is vomit.

    6) I don’t go anywhere near the VCN. I hear that everything that starts out as being useful rapidly descends into uncontrolled, abusive and personally insulting mayhem. Why would anyone do that? Why would any group condone that? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, Freedom of Expression ~ well, that’s alright then, I suppose ‘Freedom of Expression’ does mean you can tell someone that they are [edited for extreme content] with impunity… but then you have defamed or libeled someone! All too much to bother with…!

    There’s more but I thought I’d cut short now since it is 1:26am and I’m kind of weary… possibly the only other thing I could offer to round off this “whinge” is the fact that I am somewhat ashamed to be a part of a non-existent “community” whose self-appointed ‘movers and shakers’ are taking it upon themselves to depict ALL of us THEIR way.

    People who seem to take it upon themselves to speak “for” me, more than anything, pisses me off…!!!


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