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The Donor & Vampyre Relationship – by Lunah Valur Eir

MuttalikuTo be or not to be. That is the question…. A trivial question from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, yes? A trivial question from a Donor to a Vampyre, not so much.

Vampyre’s feeding…. Your mind races to strobe-lit images of beautiful women covered in blood, sex and music, lustful eyes, your nerves stand on end, echoes of moans and sounds of pleasure… This is where the fictional movie rudely disappoints – there’s nothing that glamorous asking someone for some of their blood. But it’s our lot as sanguines to depend on those that are willing, or to resort to meat-blood.

Picking a Donor, or at least coming to an understanding with one, doesn’t happen often – but when it does, the angels sing, the planets align, and we feed. But even something as simple as feeding turns out to be a lot more complex than one would expect, and that complexity must be taken as seriously as life and death. Continue reading


I Dated A Vampire (And Would Again!) – by Laloe

Sticker.Vampire LoveMy name is Laloe. I am a thirty year old woman. I was raised in a Christian home where I was taught that we may not mix with people who are witches, fortune tellers, Satanists, and well, any kind of person that didn’t believe what we believed – and we believe in the trinitarian God – God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My mother is my world, and everything she said was law, and she is strongly opposed to people who don’t believe in our God. So I did everything she said I should do. Until one day, I met a Vampyre. Continue reading

Blood, Sympathetic Magic & Vampires

imagesI’ve often wondered about the way fiction represents the vampire and the way these vampires feed. In modern times, in more recent books, TV series and movies, vampires are shown in ways very similar to the reality – that they do not HAVE to kill those they feed from, but can be satisfied with a few sips and be done with it. Much like real Vampyres, who have standing agreements with their Donors. Continue reading

Psi Hunger – by Psion

f_SunLightEnem_963f880While reading an article about feeding by a good friend of mine, I was thinking about it and realized that I’m a very lucky vamp. I am in an envious position where I have almost unlimited supplies of ambient energy to feed on, so much so, that most of the time I feel totally ‘normal’ and can almost forget that I’m a vamp…..almost, but not quite. This is a bit what the hunger is like for me as a psi vamp. Continue reading


relievedVery little can make me realize that this – THIS, being what we are, needing what we need – is not my imagination, quite like the hunger does. Continue reading

A Christian Vampyre Speaks Out

Hunting kit“I can already imagine the jaw-dropping reaction displayed by most Christian South Africans just for merely mentioning those two words in the same sentence. Well… pick up your jaws; I am Lunah Eir and I’m a Christian Vampyre. (You guys are doing it again, aren’t you?)” Continue reading

What DOESN’T Make It To The Papers – by Val

Demonic co-workerRecently, there has been a sharp rise in SRA reporting in South African print media surrounding various crimes being incorrectly linked to various religions and subcultures by the press, misinformed public servants and so-called “interfaith groups” who co-incidentally just happen to agree with all the SRA misinformation and add fuel to the hysteria it causes. Continue reading