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The Fashion Vampyre: Ana Vice, Off The Cuff – with Griffin M

collarandcuffanavice2013 Looking at Ana Vice’s work is a sensual experience in itself… listening to her talk about her what she is trying to convey is a bit like being dropped down a worm hole where time history and culture dance a tango. Continue reading


The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Fairy Goth Pt4 “What Lies Beneath” – by Griffin M

The Dark Fairie is, it is said, amused by our fashions and by how our styles are reflective of the fears and insecurities we have – and how we present ourselves to others. Fairies both light and dark can be amused by human behavior and will imitate our styles in the most outlandish ways, our looks. Of course there are the naked or poorly clothed fairie best known as a type of House Brownie. Such beings are quite helpful until the well-meaning person decides to give a new pair of clothes to their household helper. Then all hell breaks loose. This so insults the little being that they leave in fit of rage…that says something about our obsession with fashion. Continue reading

The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Fairie Goth Pt3 – If the Shoe Fits – by Griffin M

Segment three on Dark Fairie has turned out different to how I expected. I had hoped to get through the rudiments of the style itself and then into a visualization focused on finding your own Dark Fairie style. Focused? I should know you can never focus on the fairies without them slipping away or changing before your eyes. Any connection of this world to theirs is subject to change. Continue reading

The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Faerie Goth Pt 2 – In The Mundane Hidden – by Griffin M

Scarfs & shirts…. that”s all your ‘re talking about?  For now, yes. Once again, dealing with the Fey you never know where you will end up. It’s a territory with subtle treasures over-looked or unappreciated; so this is segment 2 of 3 or 4 or… Continue reading

The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Fairie Goth Pt 1- by Griffin M


Dark Fairie… It’s a goth style that at usually looks fantastical and outlandish, of wearing wings, horns or pointed ears, of extravagant lashes and ornate swirls & designs drawn on the face. One might ask, “OK …where can I wear and when can I wear that?” Continue reading

The Fashion Vampyre: Industrial Goth…A Social Introspection – by Griffin M

Industrial Goth: According to a friend of mine, it’s the bare -bones of Goth fashion. Instead of lace, velvet, flowing dresses, it’s t -shirts, cargo pants, boots and sneakers. The color palette runs from black to all shades of browns and greens. To offset this rather plain, hence one use of the word industrial, the hair can be bright red, orange, purple, blue. Sometimes it’s black with bold streaks of color; falls for women ..Mohawks for men. Continue reading

The Fashion Vampyre: Chokers… So Quick, So Easy – by Griffin M

Chokers…slim and elegant, maybe a garnet in the center. Or chokers hugging the entire neck, creating an alluring come -hither theme. Why are they so expensive? They don’t have to be. Making your own is so easy! Continue reading