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The Obfuscation of Father Sebastiaan Inc. An Illuminating Investigation for the Vampi(y)re Community – by Octarine Valur

Speak-upThe South African Vampyre Community is steadily evolving and coming into our own. With each passing month we grow larger and stronger – not only in numbers, but also in stature among our international Vampi(y)re Community brothers and sisters. We have developed our own unique culture and community character, complete with educational materials, guidelines, literature, and have even held some small but successful events. We have overcome numerous obstacles to our continued existence and we have even had to face the potential threats posed by hostile groups in our own country. We walk with our heads held high among the diverse groups of the international Vampi(y)re Community. Despite all of our advances in the past couple of years, imagine for a moment that there was another threat… one that came not from outside our culture, but from within. Continue reading


Living Vampire Survey In Final Stretch

“The Living Vampire ~ A social survey” is in its final month of data collection during December.  “Ten minutes of your time is all we ask. Ten minutes is all it takes so make yourself a cuppa and give us the benefit of your thoughts and opinions.” The link to the last update is:

VCN Opens News Site

Most of us in the SA VC today know about the Facebook group VCN, or Vampire Community News. This definitive Vampyre news resource has been available on Facebook and Twitter since 2008, and has just expanded onto another platform – which will make it more reader-friendly and accessible to those who, for whatever reason, avoid social networks such as Facebook. Continue reading

Depression and the Vampire

[Posted by THE GRAVEYARDPRESS 29 April, 2012] According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), depression is “a common but serious illness” (NIMH, 2011). We all feel sad from time to time; it is a normal part of humanity. When that feeling persists, however, and infiltrates our daily lives, interfering with our ability to perform even the most basic of tasks, it becomes depression. There are many forms of depressions, some more well-known than others. These include major depression, dysthymia, minor depression, psychotic depression, postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar disorder (also known as manic-depressive illness). Like our vampirism, those of us within the community might share the same illness and experience the same symptoms, but we are all affected differently. Just as this makes it hard for us to tell another that they are X kind of vampire, it is hard for us to know what form another’s depression might take, or how best to treat it. Continue reading

Culture Shock – Part 3: Community Building By Any Other Name

Newcomers to the South African VC are often frustrated by some aspects of our culture. They struggle with the terminology, they find the culture cryptic and arcane, and some things just don’t suit them all that well. In part 3 of this series of articles covering a few examples of issues which give the noobs (and then the rest of us) a headache in the local community, we take a brief look at some of the terminology we use in South Africa. Unsurprisingly, most of this terminology has largely been inherited from other parts of the world – but much has been renewed, reinvented, and some has even been created from scratch. Continue reading

International Translation Effort Gains Momentum

Over the past week, there have been calls made on numerous VC sites for volunteers to assist in translating what is called “core VC documents” – those items which lay out, define and explain in clear, basic and easily understandable terms, what real Vampyres and our community are all about. In recent times, international members of the VC have been very helpful in translating a variety of real VC articles and documents, mostly with a view to using them in their own communities and in their own languages. Continue reading

Vampires and Donors Guide to Negotiation – by Deacon Gray

By Deacon Gray: In every relationship there is a process, a time period when we learn about each other and what the expectations both parties hold for the relationship. The process for Vampires and Donors is no different then any other relationship, yet there are some questions and issues that should be discussed between the vampire and donor that are a little more complex. Continue reading