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In Summary: SAVA Accountability, Affiliation & Transparency

Outsiders and newcomers to the SAVC can easily be forgiven for their ignorance about the VC, the SAVC, Vampyre culture and the nuances of how everything works in the South African context.

Here follows just a small refresher to answer any questions that may have been raised recently: Continue reading


Sign Up Now – And That’s An Order! – by Val

Participants in the South African VC may soon be wondering what the new groups are that are being talked about by SAVA members.  Are they secretive groups, up to dodginess and mystery? Are they involved in *insert scary music here* ‘the occult’? Does “B.Y.O.B” on the group event invitations stand for “Bring Your Own Body”? Oh goodness, no! Anyway, this article will explain EXACTLY what these new groups are about, without any kind of subterfuge or attempt to mislead, for your information and for your peace of mind. Continue reading

Shadow Senate Receives Portfolios

Hi Res NarrowIt has been announced to SAVA members that as of this past Thursday, all members of the Shadow Senate will hold portfolios which allocate to them clearly defined responsibilities connected to the running of the SAVA. This move is seen as a step forward in the development of our organization and its leadership skills, as well as for the growth of the community in this region. Continue reading

SAVA Senatorial Elections Held 18-20 March 2014

Hi Res NarrowInternal SAVA elections were held this past week to select Senators for the SAVA Shadow Senate in accordance with the parameters set by our Membership Mandate.

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Meet The Newbies – New SAVA Members

Hi Res NarrowDuring the month of February, the SAVA held it’s first new members selection for 2014 and added 4 new members to its number. We decided it was time to post their introductions. Continue reading

Formation Of New Council Heralds Growth In SA VC

SAVA GlyphAs some of our long term participants may recall, the High Council system of the SAVA was disbanded roughly a year ago. When it went, it took with it the system of Magisters and Secundi that had been in place from the very founding of the SAVA. Ours has been a young community, and we had several important lessons to learn. It is said that when you do nothing, you make less mistakes – and in all honesty, we have made our fair share, so doing nothing is certainly not something we can be accused of. Change has again come to the SAVA, with the formation of a new body designed to replace the old High Council system, heralding opportunity for growth and development of our community and its culture.

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Being The Newbie: Lights, Camera, Action! With Lunah Eire

IMG_20130429_0022458A pretty lady in a pretty dress stands on a balcony, wind blows the hair from her neck, and down swoops a vampire and bites her… Ya. Continue reading