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Interview – Sonja Ruppersberg and Paul Blom Talk – Terminatryx and HorrorFest – by Nadine



What was your vision for Terminatryx when you decided to start the project?

Initially the project was going to be a fun activity for my friend Christina and I.  We wanted to be in a band, like most people, and like most people we did not realize how much went into it  🙂 Paul agreed to write some material for us and before we even knew what was happening we had material and an invitation to perform live with a touring band from Germany, Diary of Dreams.  The intention was always to get to that point at some stage, but we never thought that it would happen so fast. Continue reading


Music With Vampires: Schoolcraft – by Val

Schoolcraft2Schoolcraft is a rising star, a solo artist with big plans and plenty to back them up. Her solo work is crystal clear, soulful and melodic with a haunting gothic edge. Her image is dark, sensual and delicious – and fun! SA Vampyre News is pleased to bring you an interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft. Continue reading

The Celluloid Vampire: Dance In The Vampire Bund (2010) – Reviews by Val

images (1)This 2010 anime series was really gripping, one of the best vampire anime’s around I would say. I watched the Japanese language version with English subs, but there is an English language version as well. Like other anime’s, this series is based upon a series of manga books. Continue reading

The Celluloid Vampire: Shiki (2010) – Reviews by Val

Shiki02This 2010 anime series comes in Japanese with English subtitles and over all, it’s pretty good. Continue reading

The Celluloid Vampire: The Devil’s Castle (1896) – Movie Reviews by Val

1896_The Devil's CastleThe Devil’s Castle (1896) is a short movie by modern standards – a very short movie. Being only about 3 minutes long, it barely qualifies for the title of a “movie” perse’, but if you consider that in its day other movies were about half that length, it was something of an innovative piece that set the pace for the future.

This movie is the only known flick dating from the 19th century to feature a vampire, is considered to be the first horror movie, and is also arguably the first vampire movie. It has the distinction of being listed on the SA Vampyre Culture Center‘s website as the only known vampire-related film of the 19th century. The Devil’s Castle (aka Le manoir du diable) has been known by a variety of alternate names including The Devil’s Manor, The Manor of the Devil, The House of the Devil, and The Haunted Castle. Continue reading

The Celluloid Vampire: Eternity (2010) – Movie Reviews by Val

2010_EternityA few years ago, South Africa released a vampire movie – probably the very first South African vampire movie offering, and being a curious Vampyre who enjoys movies and series about vampires, I went to see it. I even took a close friend (also a Vampyre) with me. We were horribly disappointed. Since I hadn’t done a movie review for SAVN before, I thought I’d start off by giving this one another chance. Continue reading

In Tune: Bon Jovi Concert Review – by Nadine

Bon Jovi 0When Bon Jovi came into my life at the age of 15, they chiseled their music into parts of my soul – as I’m sure they have for many. While I could never understand why the young girls would faint and cry over Justin Bieber, I can now say in honesty – I do get it.   Continue reading