The Fashion Vampyre: Ana Vice, Off The Cuff – with Griffin M

collarandcuffanavice2013 Looking at Ana Vice’s work is a sensual experience in itself… listening to her talk about her what she is trying to convey is a bit like being dropped down a worm hole where time history and culture dance a tango.

Ana, whose father was an anthropologist, had the experience of living in different cultures. Such helped her develop a sense of how adornment ancient and modern can meet as an under-current in how we adorn ourselves. And yes that tango of lethal attraction and pleasure.

As a backdrop her work is in leather and organic materials and is created in a way that is functional and lasts. Her pieces are designed to withstand the test of time, just as some of the enduring archetypes being expressed in her work. No cheap snaps or glued on plastic skulls here.

Her influences are MacQueen, St. Laurent and Hollywood inspired and coming from real life sub-culture and attitude. People drawn to her work range from their 20’s to 50’s.


On showing me the cuffs she makes I was immediately hooked. I’ve never been much attracted to most cuffs worn for fashion or sub-culture statement due to the hard and unyielding leather. The spikes on most cuffs seemed to pose the possibility of causing more injury to myself and possible embarrassment than anything else.

Instead Ana’s are an outright statement of the lethal paw in the velvet glove. The leather used is soft patent leather that not only feels good to wear but feels good to touch. Around the cuffs are ringed stainless steel or silver claws… strikingly curved at the tips. Not spikes giving an abstract illusion…they actually look like claws.

But what really caught my eye was the buckle itself of encrusted rhinestones…an exclamation point of Hollywood glamour. Images of May West, and her statuesque figure surrounded by sex, intelligence and an indestructible humor came to mind.

Perhaps a unique conjuring of my own but so is the allure that is instilled in a good fashion piece. Such jewelry dares one to allow a transformation if worn. To gaze at such is to sense being enthralled with sight of claws or fangs and
a desire to reach out and touch if only tentatively.

Lovely but o.k. how much? Ana’s prices range from $20 on up – but not that far up, and all custom made for individual needs. Materials are stainless steel, silver and inert metals from claws of cats to dragons.

In pursuing a certain image, I can assure you Ana Vice will scour the fashion district in New York to find it. Leather, velvet, satin… next time, her necklaces.


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