In The Picture: Movie Reviews by Nadine

This week’s reviews: Alex Cross and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.



Alex Cross

Alex Cross is a 2012 Crime Thriller film based on the novel Cross written by James Patterson. The film stars Tyler Perry (Alex Cross) and Matthew Fox – The villain (Picasso).

Alex Cross is a psychologist and police lieutenant that resides in Detroit with his wife, mother and two children. After learning that his wife is pregnant with their third child, Cross considers accepting a job as a FBI profiler in Washington DC in order to spend more time with his family. While deciding his way ahead he is called in for a case involving a killer that tends to torture his victims.

His investigation leads him to Picasso who seems to be former military and an apparent assassin. As per the norm the team – Alex Cross and his two team mates Tommy Kane and Monica Ashle try to track down the path the assassin would follow in order to contain his main objection. Their findings seem to trigger something within the assassin. It insures that the story takes a really unexpected turn.

This film was surprisingly refreshing.

Four out of five.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit. The first novel I read that chained me from the word go. In a lot of ways I suppose this novel was one of the stories that made my love for reading and writing grow. While the novel was first published in 1937 I only found the very old book in my school library round about the 1993. Bilbo Baggins was surely one of the reasons I came to love stories of Fairies and Hobbits, Dragons and wars.

I was very excited to see my childhood imagination play out on film, even though it was just the first half.

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey did not disappoint. I was very happy with the graphics, the story line the thought that went into all the characters from goblins to trolls etc. I think this is one of those movies where you are either open to the road imagination led you on or you aren’t. You either love the story and everything that goes with it – or you don’t.

Either way it was portrayed magnificently.

In this – the first film that plays of way before LOTR, a young Hobbit is tricked into an unexpected journey to the Lonely Mountain which was once the home of the dwarfs. His companions – dwarfs, are on a mission to reclaim the land which was still protected by the vicious dragon that destroyed their home. The Hobbit and Gandalf – the wizard start their journey in this the first half of The Hobbit.

Five out of Five.


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