The SA Vampyre Academy Reiki Survey: How It Came About

EinsteinI’ve always been curious about what we as self-identifying Vampyres are – and as a vamp myself, what it is that makes us different from other people – if we are at all different – and if so, if there is a way to identify us by these differences.

For a while I have been consulting various Reiki practitioners – face to face and online, for a variety of different reasons. In July I was chatting to a Reiki practitioner who has become fairly well-known in the local VC as a Reiki healer specializing in the care of Vampyres or ‘vampyric people’ as some prefer to be called.

The topic came up about how a Reiki healer might be able to tell the difference between a Vampyre and a non-Vampyre, and if a random Reiki healer might even notice a difference between the two.

The conversation went something like this:

Q: “In examining Vampyres, have you noticed anything different about us from non-Vampyres? If so what? Further, have you been able to pick up any differences between psi or energy feeders and sanguines?

“A”: “Interesting question. Vamps usually have a different energy, they are more aware of it, and use it better, they feel different. And no, I don’t think so. Aside from the belief or understanding that they are a vampire. I think sang vamps still take energy.”

Q: “Could you elaborate? ‘Feel different’? I’ve heard Reiki practitioners (and psi-vamps and energy workers) speaking of being able to identify us by our energy or differences in our energy systems. I’m looking for a more specific description. As in “sure – vamps are like a, b, c and non-vamps are like x, y, z and you can see a vamp from this chakra being like that etc.”

“A”: “Well, it’s hard to describe in words, especially for people who do not believe in energy. Not all vamps are the same. What they do have in common, is a better awareness of their energy.”

Q: “Could we work in generalities then? Okay, that’s interesting – but how do you tell?”

“A”: “You can just feel. It’s like the difference between an apple and an orange, how do you describe that? They just feel different.”

Q: “Could you describe it in relation to typical non-vamp energy?”

“A”: “Most non vamps have sleepy energy. They are not aware of it, and it is kind of murky and sluggish.”

Q: “Sleepy? You mean at a lower frequency?”

“A”: “And dirty. It doesn’t really move around a lot.”

Q: “You mean accumulates energetic ‘toxins’?”

“A”: “Yes, and they hold on to emotional stuff, and pick up stuff, it’s cluttered. They don’t clean out their energy. Vamps generally have a more active aura, their energy is cleaner and moves more. It is lighter and more refined.”

Q: “Is it still discernible from other energy workers, witches perhaps?”

“A”: “Well, that’s hard to say, some witches…”

Q: “Hehe yes, some witches are also vamps.”

“A”: “Yes, that too. But some witches know what they are doing (energy wise), but would still feel different from vamps. Most witches don’t know what they are doing (energy wise), and feel like normal people (non-Vampyres).”

Q: “Okay, so there is a definite difference in feel to vamps in relation to non-vamps?”

“A”: “Mostly, yes. There is also the hunger, which you can pick up if you are empathic. And some kind of darkness. Also, sometimes it feels like a leak.”

Q: “Like they are leaking energy?”

“A”: “Yes, leaking. I don’t think most Reiki practitioners would believe in vamps. I think anyone that works with energy and explores vamps would be able to detect them.”

Q: “That’s so fascinating. I really mean that. It means there’s a genuine definite detectable difference, even if not provable by scientific means (yet).”

“A”: “Although keep in mind that many vamps can hide their energy, or mask it.”

Q: “Yes I know. Shields, filters and cloaks.”

The chat was very enlightening – as you will see, and inspired me to conduct this study. It was after this conversation that I decided to conduct a small survey of Reiki practitioners on this subject, to get some answers to my questions. The healer I initially discussed this matter with did NOT participate in the survey.

The survey conducted by via the Vampyre Academy over the following few weeks was sent to a group of randomly selected Reiki practitioners from South Africa, Finland and the UK. The ten who responded favorably were sent a standard set of nine questions.

But why Reiki?

What I wanted to determine was whether non-Vampyres could detect Vampyres by the same or other means. Of the non-Vampyres perhaps best known for having energy skills, Reiki healers are at the top of the list, along with witches and psychics. However, reiki healers tend to rely on delivering results, usually as a matter of import since many of them have functioning practices. Whereas Witches are extremely diverse, walking different paths within Paganism (and even outside of those religions identifying as Pagan), Reiki healers tend to follow a standardized training and practice regimen.

Also, the healer I had the initial discussion with, is a Reiki practitioner – and thus I wanted to look further into this specific focus group to see if I could find any consensus there. Simply put, I wanted to engage with the focus group more likely to give me a more standardized answer viewed from within a standardized framework, in this case, Reiki. Of course, this does not rule out future similar surveys of Witches and other focus groups.

Since the survey results and the first article about it were released a few days ago, it has been well received by the VC in general, but also with skepticism – mainly from the ‘mundane’ quarter, which well – doesn’t actually believe in Vampyres or vampyric people either. In short, they tend to view Reiki as ‘a load of nonsense’.

A few decades ago ‘skeptics’ said the very same things about acupuncture as some people are saying about Reiki today. Mainstream medicine scoffed at the notion of treating injuries and illnesses by sticking needles into people’s nerve centers – and yet the practice has been continued for centuries in Eastern medicine. Today medicine knows better and understands more about the nerve centers in the body, has researched the effects of these treatments and is less eager to condemn the value and practice of acupuncture in its role in supplementary medicine.

And yet, acupuncture is no less a part of “Eastern Medicine” than is Reiki. Reiki may be slightly newer, having been established as a unique treatment regimen or practice in 1937, but it follows a path of other older already established forms of Eastern medicine.

It’s very convenient for skeptics to google Reiki and to jump to conclusions and to just post the very first snarky skeptical articles that appear in the search results, and which happen to suit their particular view. It takes a little more research and an open mind to dig deeper.

Anyone who doubts that reiki is of any value as a healing aid or treatment or asserts that Reiki has ‘no medical accreditation whatever’ should start by reading this article on

“Scientific Validation
A research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut indicates that Reiki improved patient sleep by 86 percent, reduced pain by 78 percent, reduced nausea by 80 percent, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94 percent.(7)

In 2009, The Center for Reiki Research completed the Touchstone Project, which summarized Reiki studies published in peer-reviewed journals. The 25 studies examined were further evaluated to determine the effectiveness of Reiki. The conclusion states: “Overall, based on the summaries of those studies that were rated according to scientific rigor as “Very Good” or “Excellent” by at least one reviewer and were not rated as weak by any reviewer, 83 percent show moderate to strong evidence in support of Reiki as a therapeutic modality.”(8)”

Further, the article referred to above highlights that Reiki training is also being provided to nurses and doctors at American hospitals and clinics.

If Reiki is ‘nonsense’ or ‘of no value’ as claimed by skeptics then why would ANY medical centers be incorporating ANY Reiki treatment into their regimens and staff training?

Someone – a skeptic perhaps – might assert that if Reiki has ‘no effect’ then it ‘couldn’t hurt’ to include it as a kind of ‘placebo’ in hospitals and clinics… only it doesn’t appear to be an accurate assessment, because it IS having an effect – a positive effect, if any of the studies such as those referred to by both Reiki organizations and in the Argus article are to be believed.

If Reiki is no ‘no more than a placebo’ – and that ‘placebo’ has a measurably beneficial effect – then does this not mean that this skeptical opinion is questionable and ought to be revised?

It appears that this is taking place, gradually.

All debate on the efficacy of Reiki aside, the actual point of the survey was to determine whether Reiki practitioners know about Vampyres and vampyric people, whether they can identify them, how, and to take note of their opinions about Vampyres and vampyric people, and to what extent all participants agree or disagree on all points.

In all three areas, the survey achieved its objectives, and more – and the results are visible for all to see.


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