The SA Vampyre Academy Reiki Survey: How It Came About

EinsteinI’ve always been curious about what we as self-identifying Vampyres are – and as a vamp myself, what it is that makes us different from other people – if we are at all different – and if so, if there is a way to identify us by these differences.

For a while I have been consulting various Reiki practitioners – face to face and online, for a variety of different reasons. In July I was chatting to a Reiki practitioner who has become fairly well-known in the local VC as a Reiki healer specializing in the care of Vampyres or ‘vampyric people’ as some prefer to be called.

The topic came up about how a Reiki healer might be able to tell the difference between a Vampyre and a non-Vampyre, and if a random Reiki healer might even notice a difference between the two. Continue reading

Are Vampyres Perceptibly Different To Non-Vampyres? 10/10 Reiki Practitioners Say “YES!”

VAIn a poll conducted between July and August 2015 the South African Vampyre Academy, a VC research and statistics gathering entity, found that ten out of ten Reiki practitioners interviewed claimed to be not only aware of Vampyres and vampyric people, but also to be able to identify them by their energy signatures, by sight, feel or touch, suggesting that there is something definable and different between Vampyres or vampyric people and non-Vampyres which warrants further investigation. Continue reading

RIP Sanguinarius 1970-2015

The South African Vampyre Community mourns the loss of a great international VC icon, Sanguinarius, a pioneer and an inspiration. Our sincere condolences to her next of kin, friends and associates and to all who have been touched by her immense support and community work over the years. RIP Sangi <3 Continue reading

Vampirology Poll Ruffles A Few Feathers

In the past few days, a poll was posted on the Vampyre Academy website, one which asked essentially one question twice with two sets of alternative answers. The poll began with a statement:

“The dictionary defines a vampirologist as ‘one who studies vampirology’ or ‘A person that researches, studies, and discusses vampires in both the fictional and real world and the trends that follow them.’ Please give your input on how you as a VC participant think a vampirologist should measure up to this definition.” Continue reading

House Valur Announcement: Consolidation Into Family

[It is my honor and pleasure to share this here – Val]

HVAs of today, members of the esteemed House Valur will act as one family within the Vampyre Community.

In what is hoped to be the first example of its kind in the South African Vampyre Community, the House membership will consolidate its VC-related assets into one grouping, creating something not unlike a conventional family structure, and harking also after similar House/Coven structures abroad. Continue reading

SAVA Undergoes Metamorphosis

Hi Res NarrowThe South African Vampyre Alliance, a body which has been active in building the SA Vampyre Community since May 2011, is in the process of undergoing major internal restructuring, with several changes already in process.

The Regency decided over the past week that the purpose of these changes is to streamline functioning of existing internal SAVA bodies, to determine which of these are redundant, and especially to increase member participation as well as the total effectiveness of the organization itself within the SA VC.

Very importantly, among the things that will undergo radical change is the SAVA hierarchy and structures which are already well known in the general VC. Continue reading

Coven d’Eir To Host 2015 Durban Pagan Freedom Day

Coven d’Eir (Durban) will be hosting the 2015 PFD event for the area.

Proceeds will go to charity – “The Center for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife” (C.R.O.W.)

Entry and tables are free.

Flyer below:
CdE PFD poster 2015


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