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SAVA Under New Management

SAVA GlyphOn Friday 26 October 2018, the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) was handed over by its incumbent Regent, Octarine Valur to her successor. The Regent’s statement below was circulated within the SAVA before being also sent to the FOSAV group and also to the SA Pagan Council (SAPC) and SA Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA). Continue reading


In Summary: SAVA Accountability, Affiliation & Transparency

Outsiders and newcomers to the SAVC can easily be forgiven for their ignorance about the VC, the SAVC, Vampyre culture and the nuances of how everything works in the South African context.

Here follows just a small refresher to answer any questions that may have been raised recently: Continue reading

SAVA Challenges Slanderers To Provide Proof

Over the past few weeks, actions which appear to be a part of a co-ordinated and deliberate attack on the good relations between the SA Vampyre Community and SA Pagan Community, have come to SAVA’s attention. Several individuals presenting themselves to the Pagan community (and most likely to outsiders) as community leaders have been observed posting comments in various forums in which they claim that “vampires are poisoning paganism”.

Additionally, they are also claiming that in several articles pertaining to the Vampyre Community and subculture in South Africa – ostensibly written by the Regent of the SAVA, Octarine Valur – which were also cross-posted on Penton Alternative Media between 2011 and the present, guidelines are provided to Vampyres on how to ‘bleed pet dogs and cats’ for feeding purposes. Continue reading

FOSAV Removed From Facebook – SAVA “Undeterred”

Hi Res Narrow***Statement By SAVA IRO Removal Of FOSAV Group On Facebook***

At 2:17pm South African time today, the Facebook group “Friends of the South African Vampire” was removed by Facebook. According to the message from Facebook, this was because “it violated our Terms of Use. Among other things, groups that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down groups that attack an individual or group, or advertise a product or service.” Continue reading

SA VC Founder’s Day Address 2014

Hi Res NarrowMay 20 is Founder’s Day, in which South Africa’s VC celebrates the founding of the South African Vampyre Community four years ago. It was a quiet time in the social lives of most Vampyres in South Africa, before the Facebook groups, before the forums, before the socials and meet-ups. It was a time before the SAVA rose to become the main driving force behind the community-building that resulted in the vibrant VC we are today.  This is an address to the SA VC by Lady Octarine Valur, Regent of the SAVA. Continue reading

An Open Letter To The South African Pagan Community

SAVA GlyphIn 2011, the Vampyre community in South Africa established contact with the Pagan community, and as some may remember, quite a lot of drama resulted from this new interaction. Continue reading

SAVA Statement On Dissolution Of The SA Pagan Council

SAVA GlyphRecently there have been some events in the Pagan community in South Africa which appear to have some unsettling effects also on other alternative subcultures and communities as well. Just two days ago, Lady Morgause Fonteleve, the Convenor of the SAPC, announced the possible impending disbanding of the South African Pagan Council. Below is the public statement from the SAVA on the issue: Continue reading