SAVA Challenges Slanderers To Provide Proof

Over the past few weeks, actions which appear to be a part of a co-ordinated and deliberate attack on the good relations between the SA Vampyre Community and SA Pagan Community, have come to SAVA’s attention. Several individuals presenting themselves to the Pagan community (and most likely to outsiders) as community leaders have been observed posting comments in various forums in which they claim that “vampires are poisoning paganism”.

Additionally, they are also claiming that in several articles pertaining to the Vampyre Community and subculture in South Africa – ostensibly written by the Regent of the SAVA, Octarine Valur – which were also cross-posted on Penton Alternative Media between 2011 and the present, guidelines are provided to Vampyres on how to ‘bleed pet dogs and cats’ for feeding purposes.

The SA Vampyre Alliance categorically denies with utter contempt this inflamatory accusation and publicly denounces these activities as obvious and weak attempts to incite hostility within the Pagan community against Pagan Vampyres who share their spiritual beliefs and practices, as nothing less than propaganda.

The SA Vampyre Alliance summarily issues a challenge to those making these cowardly, slanderous and defamatory accusations to provide conclusive proof to this effect!

All articles posted to Penton are still visible in original unedited form. All articles posted to SA Vampyre News, the SA Vampyre Culture Center and SA Vampyre Alliance websites are also still available in original unedited form.

37 articles from the SA Vampyre News website were cross-posted on Penton Alternative Media, and none of them mentioned or encouraged any use of blood sourced from cats or dogs, or incited cruelty towards any living being of any description.

Further, SA Vampyre News (SAVN) wrote numerous articles since its inception in 2011, and neither does a single one of these 311 (312 with this statement) encourage any use of blood sourced from cats or dogs, or the abuse of any other creature.

Every single mention of blood-use has been presented in a responsible, candid, easy to understand and factual manner. Every attempt to encourage participants of the subculture to adhere to ethical guidelines has been made and will continue to be made.

It may interest members of the public, as well as those making these allegations, that the SA Vampyre Alliance adheres to strict ethical codes – namely the Totum Lex Vampyrica – and also is a strong and vocal supporter of the ethical treatment of animals (“VC Puts Animal Ethics In Writing” by Octarine Valur January 24, 2013).

The allegation that ‘vampires are poisoning Paganism’ is contemptible in that it reduces vampyric people who share Pagan beliefs to being perceived as outsiders and non-Pagans who are ‘adopting Paganism as a cover for their own practices and beliefs’, when nothing could be further from the truth!

Such activities only serve to further alienate and isolate an already fearful minority within Pagan circles, which is fearful of persecution and prejudice based upon their nature, which unfortunately is still misunderstood and unnecessarily maligned.

Such irresponsible claims demonstrate a basic lack of understanding of belief versus nature. Any single religious group claiming that another group, based upon nature (such as race, or gender, or sexual orientation for example), should not ‘belong’ within their religious circles, apparently lacks the comprehension to realize that while a religious affiliation is a matter of choice, who you are as a matter of nature, is not. Such claims and associated propaganda are therefore inherently xenophobic, and of course, completely baseless.

For the South African Vampyre Alliance,

Octarine Valur

Regent of the SAVA.


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