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Are Vampyres Perceptibly Different To Non-Vampyres? 10/10 Reiki Practitioners Say “YES!”

VAIn a poll conducted between July and August 2015 the South African Vampyre Academy, a VC research and statistics gathering entity, found that ten out of ten Reiki practitioners interviewed claimed to be not only aware of Vampyres and vampyric people, but also to be able to identify them by their energy signatures, by sight, feel or touch, suggesting that there is something definable and different between Vampyres or vampyric people and non-Vampyres which warrants further investigation. Continue reading


SAVA Challenges Slanderers To Provide Proof

Over the past few weeks, actions which appear to be a part of a co-ordinated and deliberate attack on the good relations between the SA Vampyre Community and SA Pagan Community, have come to SAVA’s attention. Several individuals presenting themselves to the Pagan community (and most likely to outsiders) as community leaders have been observed posting comments in various forums in which they claim that “vampires are poisoning paganism”.

Additionally, they are also claiming that in several articles pertaining to the Vampyre Community and subculture in South Africa – ostensibly written by the Regent of the SAVA, Octarine Valur – which were also cross-posted on Penton Alternative Media between 2011 and the present, guidelines are provided to Vampyres on how to ‘bleed pet dogs and cats’ for feeding purposes. Continue reading

Ghost Spotter – Spots “Vampires” In East London

This week an apparent lampoon website came to the attention of the South African Vampyre Community. Taking the form of a Facebook “page”, and sporting the logo of the Ghost Busters movies, Ghost Spotter East London claims to act against occult and supernatural forces in the East London area. Of course, since this group also posts reports about apparent observation and infiltration of supposed “vampire houses” in East London, we couldn’t resist taking a closer look at it. Continue reading

Hostile Interest – Who’s Watching Us?

It’s not widely known, but there is a Christian anti-Vampyre movement. It’s not co-ordinated or organized for the moment, and it’s basically just some small fringe groups and individuals around the world who happen to be doing similar things at the more or less the same time. It’s not even a new thing. For years, they have written books and blogs, hosted presentations at churches and schools and presented mis-information seminars to law enforcement officers. There are propaganda videos and DVD’s, and some end up on YouTube play-lists to be used to try and discredit or demonize our community. Why? What is their interest in the VC? Continue reading

The Mantra of the Living Vampyre

I am a living Vampyre, gifted with an affinity for energy and a need to consume it.

I do not need to cause harm to feed, nor to take it by force,
For there are those who will give of themselves freely at my request.
I grant anyone I ask for help the right to refuse to help me, should they choose it,
Just as I reserve the right to choose to help those it is within my power to help.
I cherish those who choose to sustain me, in gratitude for their kindness.

I know that everyone has a dark side, and that mine is no darker than most.
I know that I have a shadow, just as everyone has a shadow.
I know that if I do not walk in light, I walk in shadow, without light.
I cannot walk in light without casting a shadow, and my shadow cannot exist unless I walk in light
I accept that it is by my shadow that I shall know the light.
As a Vampyre, I walk the line between the light and the shadow, and at times, astride it.

I know that though I am one, those like me are many – as I also know that through our Communion, the many are one.
I understand that alone I am strong, but together with others like me, I am stronger.
I hold myself accountable for my actions, as I hold others accountable for theirs.

I do not call myself “monster”, because monster is, as monster does.
The Beast is a monster, but I am not the Beast.
The Thirst is strong, but I am stronger.
Though I suffer in Thirst, I am more than this.

I am a Vampyre, but I am also human as well.

Vampyre Nature: Part 4 – “Vamping Out” and “the Beast”

[In a four-part Series focusing on Vampyre nature, we continue with part 4 – “Vamping Out” and “the Beast”, and what these mean to a self-identified Vampyre.]

Aside from “vamping out” – which is the suffering we endure when we reach feeding time, or go beyond it – we in the community also speak of “the beast”. To us, this is the personification of our thirst – the thing within us that drives us to feed, and while we are feeding, to indulge in it, to go further, deeper and longer. It is the part of ourselves which we suppress and ignore, and which some even fear. It is this part of our nature, more than any other, which frightens us. Not so much in terms of controlling our impulses, but because the presence of such an impulse implies that there is a darkness within us that is very real and very strong, and very much a part of us. It is this part of ourselves which rattles the closet door in the dark, and causes even us to look in the mirror and whisper, shocked – “monster”. Continue reading

SA VC Celebrates Human Rights Day 2012

Today is Human Rights Day in South Africa. Today, we as the Vampyre – and associated community of this country, celebrate both our humanity as well as
our other-ness under the safety and provisions of the South African Constitution. Continue reading