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Real Vampyres vs Fictional Vampires from a non-vampyre perspective

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Psion Valur.]

Let me first say that this article is written for fun, no offence meant, although I don’t feel it is offensive and I think that it might shed some light for other ‘mundanes’ out there. Continue reading


A Mundane Perspective

The name is Aleister. It is not actually my name, but its a pretty good name to go by. I am referred to by the vampire community as a “mundane”. In other words, I am non-vampiric. I was introduced to this shadowy world by my girlfriend Aura – who has been a sanguine vampire for many years. Being a newcomer to this community has given me an opportunity to make a number of observations. I’d like to keep my view completely objective – but how that will turn out, we have yet to see. Continue reading