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The Magenta Dragon – by Christina Engela

Most in the South African Vampyre community who have done a little research into the history will know that this community’s recorded history began in May 2010 with the foundation of House Valur. Most will know that the community only began growing and taking form with the founding of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) in June 2011, but little if anything is known about the community in the time before that.

Sometimes though, one finds little gems that shine a new light on what we already know. This being the case, we examine the recollections of one of the community’s earliest builders from before 2010. Also, we will examine the initial overlap of Vampyre culture with other subcultures and societies at the time – in this case, South African Pagan culture. We will also examine the role played by vampyric Pagans in laying the groundwork for the growth and formation of the VC independently of the Pagan community in SA – and the important role these events played in the subsequent relationship between the Pagan and Vampyre communities. First, a little background. Continue reading


Coven d’Eir To Host 2015 Durban Pagan Freedom Day

Coven d’Eir (Durban) will be hosting the 2015 PFD event for the area.

Proceeds will go to charity – “The Center for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife” (C.R.O.W.)

Entry and tables are free.

Flyer below:
CdE PFD poster 2015

SAVA Challenges Slanderers To Provide Proof

Over the past few weeks, actions which appear to be a part of a co-ordinated and deliberate attack on the good relations between the SA Vampyre Community and SA Pagan Community, have come to SAVA’s attention. Several individuals presenting themselves to the Pagan community (and most likely to outsiders) as community leaders have been observed posting comments in various forums in which they claim that “vampires are poisoning paganism”.

Additionally, they are also claiming that in several articles pertaining to the Vampyre Community and subculture in South Africa – ostensibly written by the Regent of the SAVA, Octarine Valur – which were also cross-posted on Penton Alternative Media between 2011 and the present, guidelines are provided to Vampyres on how to ‘bleed pet dogs and cats’ for feeding purposes. Continue reading

Interview: Father Izak – Fang Smith, Musician, Vampyre

It’s been some time since we did a local interview, and one of the more elusive participants of our local community is the upcoming fang-smith known as Father Izak. It’s hard to quantify or classify Izak. You see, we usually do an interview of an author or a musician or a community participant – but Izak seems to have dabbled in all these categories. Izak is based in Centurion, Gauteng, heads up House of Havoc, plays in a Vampyre band called Psi-brid, and also makes fangs. Continue reading

An Interview With A Werewolf – by Nadine

Eve recently introduced herself to the Vampyre community as a Wolf therian. Not being on either side of the fence of Vampyre or therian (because I’m so “boringly human”) I was hoping she could shed some light on things by answering a few questions.  Continue reading

Interview With A Vampire Author – Gabriel Morrigan-Daray – by Nadine

Author interview – Blessed by a Curse, a fiction novel created by Gabriel Daray follows the life of a young vampyre as she struggles to find her path, fights inner demons and learns the secrets to her dark secretive heritage. Continue reading

Community Building 101 With Bat Farmer Val – by Nadine

It’s an honor for me to interview the person who is regarded as the founder of the South African Vampyre Community – Octarine Valur. For those who are not familiar with the SAVA – it is an organization which was established in May 2011 to serve and build the Vampyre Community in South Africa. The intention of this interview is to discuss issues affecting the Community, such as the activity and growth of the SA VC – both inside and outside the country, and the gradual exposure of their subculture to the rest of the population. Continue reading