Who are they really? – Lamia Satanei

It’s time for the next episode in the SA Vampyre News series of interviews, the purpose of which is to introduce some members of the SA Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) to other local Vampyres and to our friends in the local community. The idea took form on the Facebook group “Friends of the SA Vampire”. In the third interview in the series “Who are they really”, we’ll be interviewing Lamia Satanei. 

Interview by Gabrielle Draegan:

1. What does your name mean?

I won’t use the literal meaning but my own 🙂 Magical Godhead. Lamia for magickal being or one with capabilities in all forms and Satanei for “owner of Self” or being in charge of one’s own Being without boundaries etc. (in a non-egotistical way of course)

2. How did you find out you were a Vampyre?

It took me a few years to realize what I was. I found out when I was a young adult doing research online and joining a group called Sang/Ningspace. This cleared everything up for me. I don’t really “classify” myself as a Vampyre but if one must put a label on it. I’m definitely one.

3. Tell us your first coming out of the ‘coffin’ story?

I have never actually come out – so to speak. No one knows besides the close knit group I communicate with online or within my coven – oh and my husband of course 🙂 It was a bit of a shock to my group as Vampyres are known as distrusting and have a bad name within the occult circles due to sucking the energies etc or manipulating people without permission. Like everything else, there are bad crowds in every group.

4. What is unusual or unique about you in particular?

Nothing really. I just have certain gifts that everyone else is too closed up to perceive. Second sight/hearing/feeling/empathy/prophetic dreams and I’m a medium.

5. How do you think others see you?

Honestly don’t know, I always get weird looks but no one knows what I am… so I’m your usual chick walking round minding her own business. I don’t value other people’s opinions if it is negative – or try to, but welcome those with enlightenment. 🙂

6. Is there a moment in your life you are most proud of?

Hmmmm tricky. Never thought of that. I put myself first before everyone and I’m no martyr. I think taking care of my mum and not turning away from family when my dad passed away was the right thing to do and I’m proud to stand by her.

7. Who is your role model in life and why?

I can truly say I have non. I try to be myself as natural as I am without mimicking anyone else and giving where I can even if it’s my last. My mum would be a role model, being a natural witch. She puts those first and helps where she can even if it damages her but then she gets up again and continues with life’s ups and downs.

8. Do you do any charity or non- profit work?

At the moment my husband and I are producing a horror movie based with African voodoo and pagan elements and some psychological Jung philosophy. We have a Facebook group too and are involving the underprivileged kids and communities.

9. You are the Primus of your own Vampyre Coven / House. Tell us more about this.

Well basically I started solitary. Then after a few disappointments in houses and shrines and forums I found one who really felt like a family. Their HPS had to leave and so I took over and now we have been together for over 10 years. It’s pretty eclectic but the house is more based on Kemetics and LHP but welcomes all sane types ;). It’s a closed underground “Order” so invites and interviews are needed, as I’ve had my share in the past… one can never be too careful.

10. What are your plans for the future of your Vampyre House?

My house or “Order” is currently closed as we are building bonds and strengthening them on different levels and preparing them for expansion in the future. We are close knit kin and right now things will be very strict about interacting with others but we don’t have a problem with the possibilities of growth. Vampyrism is only one small part of the Order – so it will grow on an international scale.

11. What would you like to say to those vamps out there that haven’t joined SAVA yet?

Do research into absolutely every angle of this condition. Get a mentor if you can and try to find out the right information before jumping into anything. Be yourself but take care of yourself first and never neglect yourself or let anyone discriminate you – and if they do – remember, people fear that which is new and unknown and don’t understand but remain in their old ways. You need to join people who can enlighten you, empower you and improve your knowledge for therefore you can only grow onwards as one who knows thyself and in knowing thyself with positive and correct guidance.

12. Newbies find the title Magister very intimidating, is there anything you would like to say that would make you more approachable to them?

Well instead of Magister I would personally use my Kemetic title as that is what I am in. So perhaps we go in accordance to our title meaning Magister only for the reasons that we have earned those titles in practice and knowledge and experience. Not to devalue anyone as we need each other as a pot of food needs the ingredients.

13. What are some of your greatest challenges the SAVC has yet to face?

Discrimination and backstabbing, not to mention lack of religious tolerance as we all practice occult and are meant to have the freedom to be who and what we are and given the opportunity to practice it accordingly.

14. Where do you see the SAVC heading in the future?

Right now my path is unclear but no matter where I am in the world, SAVA will remain my kin and I shall be there for them when in need. 🙂

Disclaimer: the views published here are not necessarily the views of the SAVA.


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