An Interview With A Werewolf – by Nadine

Eve recently introduced herself to the Vampyre community as a Wolf therian. Not being on either side of the fence of Vampyre or therian (because I’m so “boringly human”) I was hoping she could shed some light on things by answering a few questions. 

Nadine: So, Eve – a wolf … what makes you fulfil that statement?

Eve: Well in a nut shell, to me ‘wolf’ means a protector, guardian and mother, yet on a very wide scale. I am a natural protector of weaker beings. I am fearless and don’t mind a good war. I never hide or cower from anything.

Nadine: How do you know you are a wolf? I can understand the conclusion in someone stating that they are an actual Vampyre but being somewhat narrow-minded, as I am – I can’t seem to think of anything that would lead you to a conclusion to say okay – that’s it. I’m a wolf.

Eve: To answer that , let’s start with the spiritual aspect of ‘animal spirit ‘. Mine has been a white Wolf for as long as I can remember, being a seer this entity was very easy for me to spot , as well as the animal spirits of others – it’s so beautiful to see an eagle perching upon the shoulder of a human, just a pity the human doesn’t know it’s there. The shift takes place when we decide to become one with that spirit , not only viewing it as an outside entity but in fact ‘you’ and who you are, then its nature takes birth in you and you become in all ways that being within yourself.

I am wolf.

Nadine: Do you see yourself as a Wolf or a Werewolf?

Eve: I am a white wolf.

Nadine: What is the difference?

Eve: In my opinion none – “were” in werewolf is the word for “man” in old Germanic, so it would mean “man-wolf” – but a girl werewolf is still called ‘were’ wolf – it’s just the ability to shift into wolven form. We are NOT the same as the lycan.

Nadine:  How many of you are there?

Eve: In my pack there are now 8.

Nadine: How does your leadership structure work?

Eve: In my pack Argentum Lupus – Silver Wolves – the structure is very informal, I am Alpha. Abigail is my second in charge – she advises me on matters and slaps me around when I mess up. I am very stubborn. Neth is our war wolf, he sees to ‘housekeeping and takes trash out ‘ha-ha. The others just want to be with us – it’s their home.

Nadine: How many packs are there in SA alone?

Eva: I know of 5, one been very big and old. Members 25+.

Nadine: How many packs do you know of internationally?

Eve: In the USA and Canada I know of 11.

Nadine: How do you go about establishing a pack?

Eve: in my case, my pack found me, so to speak. We were all sitting around a fire one night and Abi looked up and said you are our leader you know. Everybody else nodded. I was like WHAAATTT?? Then we thought okay let’s do this. We chose a name and started collecting other wolves. Some are very formal and call me mistress and others not. Rain is very subservient. Neth not at all. But I am their ‘mom’, I would die for them. They are my blood. We are family. I am their guardian – they are my children.

Nadine: Wolves in general are very territorial, how does that work with your kind?

Eve: Territories in SA work different to some in the USA. There the wolves physically mark their territorial boundaries with pack symbolism. Meaning the symbol that represents that particular pack – here I haven’t seen that yet. In SA packs just move around silently and commune in private. But rest assured we can ‘smell ‘ another wolf in a blink.

Nadine: How do you establish your boundaries?

Eve: By lairs. A lair is where a member lives. But this is where it gets complicated and ‘ass kicking’ starts. Because it’s very easy to have a member who lives in, say Alberton, JHB – which means my pack does extend there too. But so do other packs … Now how do we establish who that area belongs to? Very simple  – you spar, or kick the crap out of each other until one backs off. Or maybe even co-exist peacefully. It just depends on the kind of pack in that territory.

Nadine: How large can your packs be?

Eve: Anything from 2 members up to the amount an alpha feels they can handle.

Nadine: Is a packs life more about the physical life/interaction or astral/metaphysical interaction?

Eve: Physical is important, actually getting together is needed so that the alpha can stay in touch with all your members’ and their lives. Not all have astral abilities; one has to cater for all the needs of the pack and physical get-togethers are always more appreciated.

Nadine: How are wolf packs seen by the general public? From what I have seen people in general perceive Vampyrism to be an illness, a religion or a cult. In some instances they also feel it to be stage through which some people go – especially those that struggle to find their purpose in life or those that like things that are perceived to be awkward within human society.

Eve: The wolven kin are only starting to come out of the proverbial Forrest as of lately… but I have on many occasions announced that I am a wolf and people are okay with it and agree. I think socially it’s easier for us than the vampires.

Nadine: You seem to have been accepted within the general SA Vampyre culture or society without any reluctance. Was that something you expected? From my experience – which is very basic – I was always under the impression that Vampyres and Wolves did not share common ground.

Eve: I was accepted with open arms, some wolves’ are not in support of this association at all – thanks to Hollywood – growls!! I have kicked down that door of non-association between vampires and wolves and sent the ‘old wives tales’ up in smoke. I don’t believe in isolated community. We can learn from each other and grow.

Nadine: Vampyres differentiate themselves within their community. Do you also have such differentiations and if so what are their complimenting attributes?

Eve: Yes we do. Packs will normally have the same kind of wolf in it. Be it spiritual advisors or war wolves – the cage fighting kind- or witches or in whatever association they find matching to the whole. My pack is a mixture of all kinds and I like that. Some packs only take the same kind of wolf… but that pushes what could be a valuable productive member away.

Nadine: Vampyres drink blood or feed on life energy – what do you drink and eat that is different to ordinary humans?

Eve: The human body needs general food to keep it going, but to satisfy the animal within – we take in raw red meat. Raw chicken is poison and so is pork. Be aware of what you ingest – rich red meats that have a slightly metallic smell are normally safe.

Nadine: Your reaction towards silver?

Eve: Love it. Gold is ugly! The moon transforms water silver, nothing more beautiful than that!

Nadine: Were’s and wolves have been part of many influences within European cultures. They have always been seen as evil humans that transform and are in command of the devil – what makes you different?

Eve: Like humans you get the good and bad, as with us too. There will always be the asshole who screws things up for the rest of us by doing some crazy shit like pouncing on a pedestrian late at night and going all wolfie on them… — rabies much?? All packs should have a code of conduct clearly stating what behaviour is tolerated and what not; if these conditions are not met they will be removed from the pack. No decent self-respecting packs take in rogues.

Nadine: We don’t have wolves (actual physical animal wolves) within South Africa – how does this influence your life?

Eve: It kills me. There is nothing more beautiful and live giving than the sound of a howling wolf, knowing they are near will without a doubt recharge the low morale of any wolf.

Nadine: How does the Moon influence you and your pack physically?

Eve: I get frisky. I find an open space and just sit on the earth and gaze up at the moon. I talk to her. She is magnificent. It has a relaxing aspect to us, a lovely feeling. The more aggressive packs will become argumentative and pick fights — please people do not get involved in these, two war wolves going at it isn’t a game.

Nadine: Where do you see yourself and your pack going from here?

Eve: We will remain as we always have been, me smashing boundaries and them my support. In time perhaps even increase our numbers.

Nadine: Just for fun – What is your favorite fictional wolf of all time?

Eve: Lucian! – From the Underworld movies.

Nadine: How have movies and novels influenced the perception that people have on your life, and your pack?

Eve: In Latin – a catastrophic fuckup!! – Sorry, but there is no other way to put it! Burn Hollywood burn!! Nothing sadder than having a pup in a pack who wants to physically shift into wolf form! Because the lycans in vampire diaries do it. Stop! Lycans and wolves are not the same thing! And physical shift is not possible; you would die if it were so! Your bones would have to break and heal and your organs will have to be rearranged too. All in one evening! Then be human again for work the next day … Really? No!

Nadine: How has religion influenced your Wolf admission?

Eve: Oh she’s a peaceful wolf, she’s a Buddhist. Lol, or no – he’s a Satanist, don’t piss that wolf off. That’s us and religion.

Nadine: Any special notes for people that are interested in finding out about you and your pack? Here comes the hate mail –

Eve: Thank you for having me I appreciate the chance to teach others how things are done among wolves. All I said here today is of personal experience and how things get done within my pack. This is not at all the standard for all packs, as different alphas lead in different ways. We are all unique and free.

Thank you Nadine, and thank you Eve, for this eye-opening interview!






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9 responses to “An Interview With A Werewolf – by Nadine

  • Morgan

    I honestly didn’t know what to expect when this link was sent my way, but a very good and informative interview. I’d like to meet both interviewer and interviewee. 🙂

  • Donna Michele Fernstrom

    As a wolf therian, I just have to say…what the… seriously, WHAT? 0_o

    And, in conclusion: “Um, no.”

  • mayako

    I know a am a wolf and I understand the interview but, why haven’t many wolfs shifters shown up in Gainesville ,FL

  • Gwydion Baestial

    Um, I don’t think so.. The social structure is cool and accurate of different packs but the lack of P-shifting?? You aren’t a wolf until you’ve P-shifted. I see you have M-shifted, but take that further. If you really want to be a “white wolf” then you will work towards bring a true wolf. I’m almost done with my M-shift, and I’ve been trying P-shifts every night. I’ve gotten pretty close. I have more of a snoutish mouth from lack of reversion, but its not too noticeable(thank the Goddess lol)
    But yea, if you “white wolves” want to be a true pack, P-shift. It’s not going to kill you. If you completely P-shift the first time, yea it might, but faith is the key to this.
    You’ve M-shifted. Great. Now take it one step further.
    Wiccan and fellow soon-to-be werewolf,
    Gwydion Baestial )O(

  • susitar

    So much fluff in here…. seriously. Pack fights? P-shifting (okay, that’s just from a commenter)? “Smelling” other therians? Seeing people’s animal spirits? So much woo, and this is coming from someone who is both therian and pagan.
    PS. The picture is an Alaskan malamute, not a wolf.

  • Lysander Bock

    Does she have any contact details

  • Jhilam Sinha

    i really want to be a warewolf 🙂 could it be possible to do it

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