Interview: Father Izak – Fang Smith, Musician, Vampyre

It’s been some time since we did a local interview, and one of the more elusive participants of our local community is the upcoming fang-smith known as Father Izak. It’s hard to quantify or classify Izak. You see, we usually do an interview of an author or a musician or a community participant – but Izak seems to have dabbled in all these categories. Izak is based in Centurion, Gauteng, heads up House of Havoc, plays in a Vampyre band called Psi-brid, and also makes fangs.

SAVN: “First off, Izak you are known in the SA VC as VampireIzak and/or Father Izak. Which do you prefer, or what would you prefer to be called?”

Father Izak: “I don’t really mind actually. Although I’m still one of the old school elders who believe that we have a ruling system and community laws for a reason and that House members should respect elders. So in that regard I would say Father Izak.”

Izak Nagel

SAVN: “There was another Father Izak before you in SA who was also a fang smith… would you care to tell us about that and how you relate to each other?”

Father Izak: “My girlfriend at the time told me about a guy, known as Gothan at that time, who made fangs and I told her that the moment we have cash we must go. And I sent him an email. He eventually became known as Father Izak in the community and I added him on facebook. I was going to learn the fangsmithing trade from him. [Editor: Gothan (aka Father Izak the elder) retired in 2012]. In the end I learned to make on my own via fangsmiths on the net.”

SAVN: “How and when did you first realize you were “different”/vampyric?”

Father Izak: “I just always knew I was “different” but could never figure out in what way. End of 2007 I realized that physical things were starting to happen. I started writing all the strange things down and searched them as “symptoms” on the internet. I found the vampyre stuff and it made sense to me where for other people it would be a weird thing they wouldn’t believe. I took it strange that it made so much sense to me. I followed the instructions on the website to rather get tested medically before just thinking I’m a vampyre. From there on I learned and trained myself with help from websites and other vamps over the internet as we didn’t have a community here that I knew of. Then found out about two friends who were and asked them to train me futher. A couple of years later, here I am.”

SAVN: “Tell us about yourself? Nightside, dayside?”

Father Izak: “I try and keep my nightside and dayside as one as much as possible to try and let other vampyres and new vampyres see that we have a community in S.A. and to make people see that we are here and what we really are. Although there are people who I don’t tell about my nature for certain reasons. But I like to dress in a sense that wear vampyre symbols and dark or victorian clothing when going out to draw other vampyres near to get them connected to the community. I listen to vampyre music, but also other alternative music like goth, steampunk, metal and most 80’s music.”

SAVN: “Rumor has it that you have started making fangs? Please tell us about that – where, when do you do it, how can people contact you for fangs?”

Father Izak: “I have indeed, not on a large scale yet though. Just word of mouth advertising but would one day like to have a fang shop.”

First ever fangs made by Izak

The first ever pair of fangs I made!

“The fangs in the next picture were ones I made for a model friend – the image is cut from a photo shoot.”

Fangs made by Izak from photo shoot

SAVN: “You founded House of Havoc in Dec 2009 – tell us about that? What’s it about, how many members, activities, events etc? Your band “Psybrid“, is that connected to the house? Tell us about your band and your music?”

House of Havoc Ankh2 copy

Father Izak: “House of Havoc is a safe haven for vampyres and other kin in Pretoria and Centurion. We are not religious in nature as we try to make all kin in this area feel welcome and I feel that everyone is entitled to their own religion. All our members left, but we are currently initiating new members who want to be part of the community.”


“PsyBrid is a vampyre community friendly band that makes goth music. We even made an Afrikaans song about vampyres called “Engel in die Nag”. But we are planning on changing the main genre to steampunk now and still stay vampyre friendly. We had member changes recently and only with the new member will we have gigs this year.”

Band photo Band photo 2

SAVN: “Songs available for listening include: “Tribute to the Black Swan“, “Happened Annyway“, “Unclear Words“, “Little Drummer Boy” and a video for “Unclear Words” [Editor: You need to sign on to reverbnation to listen to the audio tracks, but the Facebook video plays just fine as is.]

SAVN: “You made a lengthy video on Youtube a few years ago about the SA VC… tell us why and what you wanted it to achieve?”

Father Izak: “That was in order for new comers in S.A. to hopefully come across when doing research on the net so they would know that there is a community here for them. I want to make a better video sometime soon though.”

SAVN: “You wrote an interesting article about vampyre lifestyle a few years ago – what inspired that?”

Father Izak: “I thought that was a pressing topic as lots of new comers think they have to change and dress different after awakening. This is not true, although some naturally do change a bit. I did.”

SAVN: “What do you think about the current VC in SA? What do you like/dislike? What would you like to change?”

Father Izak: “I think it’s going along good. We are doing it in a correct light. It’s growing nicely. Only thing I dislike, is vampyres not doing their part or not joining meet-ups. But this is a process that will take a couple of years to complete and get to a point where we have established groups in all areas with enough members.

I think the year 2014 holds lots of big things for our community. We must embrace all the opportunities and make the best of them. And I would like to wish all the elders and members working hard on the community good luck and wish the whole community many dark and wonderful blessings!”

Thank you for the interview, Father Izak!


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