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Vampyre Erotica Write-Off Steals The Show – by Lunah Valur Eir

Blog BattleVampyric Erotica! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well, I certainly hadn’t until I logged into my Facebook account, expecting to see the usual banter, pics and posts,  and saw that not only was there vampyric erotica being written by our VC members, but they were having a write-off as well! Continue reading


Local Movie Production Includes Vampyres

A new local movie is being produced in Cape Town by an intrepid group of independent movie-makers. Of special note to the local VC, is the detail that at least one of the crew is a self-identified Vampyre. Continue reading

Twilight: Breaking Down

Most real Vampyres I know actually hate Twilight.  Some actually like it. Well, there’s no accounting for taste – which is probably why I went to watch the latest episode last Tuesday – Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 1. A veteran of the other three movies, each slightly more mundane than the last – even I was surprised at my disappointment. Continue reading

Vampyre Bytes – An Outlet For Local Creativity

A new site which is being billed as an outlet for South African fiction and creativity created by members of the South African Vampyre Community, was opened today. Operating under the name “Vampyre Bytes“, the site displays material written by the local Vampyre Community and for public consumption. Continue reading

Hello world! This is SA Vampyre News!

For a long time local vamps have had to look elsewhere to find news about the Vampyre Community, and for a long time they would only see news about foreign communities and events. All that is about to change today with the launch of SA Vampyre News. Continue reading