Who are they really? – Kay Valkir

It’s time for the next episode in the SA Vampyre News series of interviews, the purpose of which is to introduce some members of the SA Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) to other local Vampyres and to our friends in the local community. The idea took form on the Facebook group “Friends of the SA Vampire”. In the fourth interview in the series “Who are they really”, we’ll be interviewing Kay Valkir

Interview by Gabrielle Draegan:

1. What does your name mean?

Its a name that has been with me since I was young, it has no real meaning it
has always just been my name in my mind.

2. How did you find out you were a Vampyre?

That is a touch blurry. I can’t remember how I just remember the moment. I
was very shocked and a little afraid when I found out.

3. Tell us your first coming out of the ‘coffin’ story?

You are really stretching my memory on this one. I think I first came out of
the ‘coffin’ to my partner of the time who then became my donor. The rest I’d
rather not talk about. She was very accepting in the begining.

4. What is unusual or unique about you in particular?

Umm well I don’t really have true emotions, I don’t feel the way normal
people do, my emotions are sumwhat dampened. I think it may be because
I’m an empath, so that I can feel other peoples emotions better if mine are

5. How do you think others see you?

Boring, I am far from special and don’t stand out much.

6. If you were a fictional vampyre character who would you be?

Jessie from queen of the damned.

7. Is there a moment in your life you are most proud of?

Several but the one that stands out the most is being part of the creation of
the forum site Way of the Rede.

8. Who is your role model in life and why?

I don’t really have one.

9. Do you do any charity or non profit work?

No. Time is my enemy and I don’t have much of it to share.

10. What would you like to say to those vampyres out there that haven’t joined
SAVA yet?

Its worth your time to join, we are a family and look out for each other in the
same way.

11. Where do you see the SAVC heading in the future?

I see it growing. I don’t know what else we can do. 😉

12. What are some of the challenges the SAVC has yet to face in your

Acceptance and trust. Two very difficult things to obtain. Acceptance from the
general public and trust of each other and new members.

13. And how do you feel about your recent appointment to Secundus of House Lilitu?

I feel honoured to be secondus of House Liletu and just as honoured to be able to work with my Prumus, Jhen, in expanding the local Vampyre Community.


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