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SAVC Short Story Writing Contest Now Open For Voting

Nyx se pickIt’s time for the monthly SAVC writing contest! This month there are entries from the four nominees selected by the previous winner of the Writer’s Challenge, Chris van der Merwe.

The nominated writers in the contest for October are (in no particular order) Octarine Valur, Phillip Lewis, Nyx Louloudi and Dagan Nightalon.

Vote for your favorite Short Story about enhanced vampire or werewolf senses – 1) ; 2) ; 3) ; 4)

Entries have been posted without indication of who wrote which story, so that votes will be more likely cast according to the quality of the story, not by who wrote it.

A big thanks to Nadine My-Addiction for all her hard work and support for the community in running these competitions!


Writer’s Challenge Winner Announced – by Dagan Nightalon

1970910_596146997161633_6509684176107189167_nTo the amazing list of writers who agreed to write a short story for this challenge: Thank you so much for sharing your awesome short stories with us! Every nominee did an outstanding job! We all appreciate the time and effort you put into these creations! Prizes for the Best Short Story judged by votes is……..

Chris van der Merwe! Congrats bud! We will be contacting you shortly for details so we can send through your prizes donated by Nadine and myself.

Chris, as the winner, you are now to choose a Topic as well as nominate the next 4 candidates for the next write off.


Read The Competition Entries Today & Vote Tomorrow!


Here are the links to the posts in the latest Writer’s Challenge writing competition: Read them today and VOTE TOMORROW IN THE AM.

  • – Hunter – by Serephim Lena Karayan participant in the #WTFWriters Challenge for FOSAV
  • – Royal Curse – by Chris Van Der Merwe participant in the #WTFWriters Challenge for FOSAV
  • – The Hunt – by Cian Ashling participant in the #WTFWriters Challenge for FOSAV
  • Peace by Samael Anathan participant in the #WTFWriters Challenge for FOSAV

Rules and reg the writers had to work to:
1. It has to be vampire or wolf driven.
2. It has to be 12 pt Font – Times New Roman. Double Spacing.
3. Word count of +/- 1000 words.
4. Has to be in English.
5. Each editorial needs to be submitted together with at least one image that holds relevance to your story.
6. Winners can’t be nominated to participate again for at least 2 rounds after their winning streak.

Voting will take place as per the previous instance on the ‪#‎TJJ‬ blog. Winners will be announced on the SAVN site.

Good luck to all participants – and to our readers, ENJOY!