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Poll Says Most SA VC Participants Still Favor Pagan Religions In 2017

imagesA poll conducted by the SA Vampyre Academy between August and September this year has indicated that the religious identity apparently most popular with SA VC folk is Paganism, which took a clean 50% of the response group. Within that group, 21.43% belongs to Wicca alone, also making Wicca the single largest religious presence within the SA VC.

Still holding on to second place, Christianity is the next most popular religious identity group within the SA VC, which took 22.73% of the total response group. Continue reading


The Future of the SA VC – Decided

The survey launched on last Friday has now closed. As promised, the results are tallied and posted below for transparency.

Despite the survey being linked to and distributed across all known South African VC groups as well as cross-posted to in local Pagan groups and even a few international VC groups, and several admonitions to complete the survey, the number of responses received in this week was only 25. Continue reading

VVDFGS Survey Enters Second Season

vvdfgs LogoThe second data collection season for the VVDFGS survey is now open. Since May 2012 the VVDFGS Survey has been conducted by the SA Vampyre Academy via the South African Vampyre Culture Center. The official collection period ended in July 2012, but has been extended indefinitely in order to collect more responses. Every few months, the database will be updated with newly received responses, and updated results will be presented to the community and made public.  Continue reading

Three Polls Shed New Light On SA VC

Over the past month the Vampyre Academy, a South African group attached to the South African Vampyre Aliance (SAVA) posted two polls and one short survey. The results of these are now in, and are the subject of this article. The relevant items which will be discussed are the “How Do You Feel About The SA Vampyre Community?” poll, the SA Vampyre Community Religious Affiliation poll, and the SAVA SA VC Perception Survey, respectively. In this analysis of the three surveys, we will look at their meaning and significance to the SA Vampyre Community. Continue reading

VVDFGS Survey Re-Opens For Second Season

vvdfgs LogoThe VVDFGS (Vampyre & Vampyric Donor Focus Group Survey) which started last year, is now open for a second season in order to gather additional statistics from participants in the SA Vampyre Community. This survey is for Vampyres and Vampyres who also act as Donors for other Vampyres, who are SA citizens OR foreign nationals residing in SA, SA citizens residing in other countries, and foreign nationals who interact very frequently and closely with the SA VC. The processing of survey forms already gathered previously has almost been completed, and no sample statistics have yet been released. Continue reading

Living Vampire Survey In Final Stretch

“The Living Vampire ~ A social survey” is in its final month of data collection during December.  “Ten minutes of your time is all we ask. Ten minutes is all it takes so make yourself a cuppa and give us the benefit of your thoughts and opinions.” The link to the last update is:


SA VC Wants YOU!

This survey, starting on May 1, 2012, will gather useful statistics which will aid the cause of presenting a clear picture of South Africa’s Vampyre Community demographic, to reflect who we are, what we feel about our condition /state / identity or circumstances, and basically what sort of people we are, statistically speaking.

Its primary goal is to investigate to what extent certain stereotypes regarding Vampyres are true or untrue in South Africa.
It is a survey being conducted from within the community, by Vampyres of Vampyres.
The results of the survey will also be made publicly available in the form of statistics, charts and graphs – and the combined response material will be made available for inspection on request to interested academics or researchers.
The survey questionnaire download link will only be active from 1 May 2012 until the closing date of the survey, tentatively set at 1 July 2012.