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An open letter to the South African Vampyre Community – by Octarine Valur

I am Octarine Valur. You may have heard of me, you may have heard a few interesting things about me. Some of them may even be true. I’m called the founder of South Africa’s VC. I’m called ‘Regent’ of the SA Vampyre Alliance. Some have called me ‘despot’ and some have even mocked me by calling me ‘Queen’. You may wonder which of these things is true, and you may be wondering what the SAVA is about.

Despot? Queen? No. I am neither of those things. Anyone who knows vamps, knows that getting a group of us to face in the same direction at the same time is like herding cats. Not all of us would agree about anything at the same time or in the same way, and neither would all of us get along or see eye to eye. A strong leader gets things done, a passionate leader holds on until it is.

I am Regent of the SAVA, yes. I founded the SAVA, yes – after spending several years in search of the elusive South African Vampyre Community online, and of finding nothing more than a handful of solitaries interested in becoming something more, something bigger, and more real and significant. An actual community. A family.

That’s what the SAVA is about – making the community around it into a family. The SAVA is an organization started in May 2011, and its purpose was to build the SA VC, beyond the isolated little FB groups and offline solitary vamps scattered across South Africa – to create a thriving network of real-life Vampyre covens, courts and social groups. To some degree, SAVA has succeeded.

Today we have at least one House in our community, House Valur and its two covens, d’Eir and Veritas – and the SAVA and its various projects are our legacy. Today, thanks to the efforts of the SAVA, vampyric Pagans can participate openly in Pagan groups and within the Pagan community with understanding and without fear of prejudice. Thanks to the SAVA, the SA VC has a face and a voice. Despite the criticism brought against us over the years, our critics have never delivered anything worthy of compare to the SAVA.

This is to let you know – the Awakened of South Africa – we are here. We’re here for you, and we’re not going anywhere. Take our hand – join us in making the SA VC better!


The Future of the SA VC – Decided

The survey launched on last Friday has now closed. As promised, the results are tallied and posted below for transparency.

Despite the survey being linked to and distributed across all known South African VC groups as well as cross-posted to in local Pagan groups and even a few international VC groups, and several admonitions to complete the survey, the number of responses received in this week was only 25. Continue reading

Vampirology Poll Ruffles A Few Feathers

In the past few days, a poll was posted on the Vampyre Academy website, one which asked essentially one question twice with two sets of alternative answers. The poll began with a statement:

“The dictionary defines a vampirologist as ‘one who studies vampirology’ or ‘A person that researches, studies, and discusses vampires in both the fictional and real world and the trends that follow them.’ Please give your input on how you as a VC participant think a vampirologist should measure up to this definition.” Continue reading

SAVA Adds New Words For ‘Vampyre’, ‘Awakening’ To Local Lexicon

MuttalikuIn May 2013 the SAVA announced additions to how it would categorize donors and vampyric donors in the SA VC. Included in the list of new terms were words which carried with them an attachment to the remote and ancient past, evoking Mesopotamian cultures, where we find perhaps the oldest references to the archetype of the Vampyre. Since then, some of these new terms – particularly “isda”, have crept into the local lingo of the VC. This week, the SAVA has followed up with the inclusion of two new terms for the local cultural lexicon. Continue reading

SAVA Accepts Proposed Changes To SA VC Donor Identification System

Isdae VariumLike most of the culture we in the Vampyre subculture in South Africa have inherited, the system by which we categorize Donors came from the culture of the eastern USA, specifically the New York area. Recently, some members of the SAVA came together to re-evaluate the terminology inherited from overseas and decided to find something more unique to suit our local community. Continue reading

Vampyre History Project Posts 2012 Entry

ScreenShot015The Vampyre History Project, also called “The Secret History of the Vampyre“, has posted its 2012 entry. Running since early 2010, the project has amassed tons of historical information relating to the real Vampyre Community as well as to historical mention of vampire hysteria, interesting uses of the word “vampire”, as well as issues relating to vampire fiction, art, and the development of the modern Vampyre culture – and also the stereotype many of us are identified with today. Continue reading

Interview – Real Vampire News

South African author Nadine Maritz posted the following interview of Tim and Lady M, staffers of US-based Real Vampire News, and kindly gave permission for this to be re-posted here.

I recently had the honour of being interviewed – twice by the creators and hosts of Real Vampire News. To tie everything together I thought it would be great if they would grant me the offer of an interview for my blog. I hereby introduce to you all – Real Vampire News. Continue reading