Music With Vampires: Vampette – by Val


Vampette is a new band which makes overt reference to the image of the fictional vampire through its own image and music, and several of its members also happen to be participants in the real Vampyre Community. Today we chat to the band members and explore the band, their label and their make-up.

Val: Welcome Nancy Chandler, and the band members of Vampette. Nancy is the CEO of Delinquent Records USA, the label to which Vampette are signed.

Nancy Chandler: “Thank you so much for the opportunity to help me get Vampette out to the Vampyre Community and to all the music fans who are into the NiN/Marilyn Manson/Concrete Blonde vampi-music!”

Val: Nancy, would you like to tell us a little about your record company?


Nancy Chandler: “Delinquent Records USA was formed in 1987. Delinquent operated as an international indie label with 21 band & themed collection titles until our US Retail Distributor went bankrupt in 2000. It only took about 10 yrs to have the products returned. “

“The New Delinquent Staff is getting their game face on, and “Vampette” is literally the flagship of the Resurrected Company. Their debut release  Vampette :  Dark Little Secrets (DR025) – [Delinquent Records catalog number 25]  At the same time, Delinquent will re-release the back catalog of 21 CDs that has been unavailable for just over 10 years. As a result, many are now collectors’ items.”

Val: What is your personal role in Delinquent Records and how will you be managing the band’s launch?

Nancy Chandler: “While I have owned the label since 1987, I do as much publicity, marketing, and designing of ads for magazines, e-zines, logo’s, and CD artwork as possible. I take my basic plans and sub-contract out to artists, graphic designers, and PR companies. All Publicity & Marketing Agencies demand a minimum of 6 months of pre-release promotions per band & title. Their technique is to release photo’s slowly but steadily (especially of the lead vocalist) which is definitely the visual selling point of Vampette.

Then comes the most basic bio on the band comes out next, and info on the members individual backgrounds are made available. The slow rate of “leaking information” tends to build more solid interests, a serious fan bases, and the excitement of the public then reflects in the band’s activities – excitement made visible in photo shoots and their re-re-mixes in the studio or even last minute re-tracking ideas. It is also very symbiotic, so vampyres should be able to understand this cat and mouse game and appreciate building of the fan base energy that it creates.

A band’s warm-up tour is done in small venues and out of the way places. Not all of the venues will advertise the band at first, then later Vampette will be doing digital video’s and photo shoots are scheduled during this time while the band is physically active and crowd feedback enhances everything. There is always has a humorous name given to the warm-up tour, and a short-run of collector’s items t-shirts are made for a lucky few. Vampette will be on “Fang Bang Tour 69” – The Vampette logo will be on the front and the block letter tour name on the back of the shirt!

Val: Wow – that’s quite a lot of work for one person! Especially if you had to do all that managing for more than one band!

Nancy Chandler: “JaySun Alexander is the new head of Delinquent Promotions, which is local to me and serves as my assistant, which is something that I always require wearing so many hats).  He scouts for new talent, and handles digital marketing and distribution (he is also a member of House Scarlet Moon).

Vampette formed at the perfect time, because already a few B-film producers want to use our music in their horror films.  One also wants Vampette to be the band on stage when the giant one-eyed nuclear chicken attacks! LOL! Or something like that!

Delinquent Records is kicking off with 8 eventual new various artists releases in search of new talent. So far, Vampette will be featured on “She-Rock Deluxe” themed for all-female bands.”

Val: “Thank you Nancy!”

Nancy: “Now that we have the professional questions and general information out of the way, the band can have funny with this interview!”

Val: It’s really wonderful that you guys agreed to do the interview with SA Vampyre News! Would you like to tell us a little about yourselves? Let’s start with your names and what you do in the band?


NanSidhe: “We all decided to go with stage names: Contessa Primula – Lead Vocals, Ash – Lead Guitar, NanSidhe – Guitar and keys, MissStress Tamantha – Bass and Backing Vocals, and O.j – Drums.

Val: That’s very interesting, and similar to how ‘real’ Vampyres choose nightside names – why did you choose to use stage names?

NanSidhe: “Why? Well… all of us are “older” and have played in many bands, but had never done the stage name thing in any of our previous bands. As a group, we thought it would be fun, allowing Vampette to play into the dark rock image but not revealing legal names, scene names, or craft names. “NanSidhe” is simply a slightly Gaelic spelling and it is pronounced basically “Nancy”.

O.j. did the typical male musician thing and did not participate in the interview. Sometimes they have to be beat into doing such things, but I think more than anything, he’s not too comfortable with talking to the vampyric press about real vampirism.”


Val: How long has Vampette existed, when and where was it founded, and are there any amusing stories around how it came to be?


Contessa Primula: “Vampette has been an idea of a couple of the band members for quite some time – a year or so, but didn’t form into a band until recently. The name Vampette was adopted around the time the band came together. 

NanSidhe: “Vampette was founded… uhm, in really weird stages. We just solidified the line-up recently. Before that, we had started coming together in “pairs” for many, many years. Around 2006 – 2008, Ash and I were in different bands but played shows together. Me, Ash, and Contessa have known each other since 2008-09, but me and Ash have known each other since maybe? …1999? Then after 3 divorces in my last band, that group called it quits and that left me seeking musical employment. Ash tried adding me to her band, but that didn’t work. At the same time, me and Contessa had been jamming at my house with a stream of males and female musicians. At that time, one whole summer I think, we didn’t know Tamantha and O.J. at all. When we did meet Tamantha, she brought in O.j. because they had done the same weird shuffle. Tamantha considered the bassist part in Ash’s old band, but that wasn’t happening either.”

“Finally, at a party one night: me, Contessa, Ash, and Tamantha got really twisted drunk and scheduled a practice session! The next day, I woke up and thought, “Did we form a band last night? Who’s shoes are these?” LOL!

Ash knew Tamantha, but Contessa and I didn’t. We started talking and drinking and we didn’t kill each other, so I thought this was a good sign.  O.j. was so super cool when I met him. He’s a serious drummer; a really an amazing player and obviously he didn’t have the weird male musician hang up about females in a band.

You must understand, Vampette did not start out to be an all-female band and O.j. is a member of Vampette, not a “substitute” until we find a female drummer. It is nothing like that. Actually, I have wondered “are there too many females in Vampette?” Then I thought, “stop thinking that way, nobody says that about male bands with one female member!””

Val: What musicians influenced your musical taste? Who is your favorite singer/group and what is your favorite music? What sort of music do you specialize in?

Contessa Primula: “Honestly, I hate questions saying “what is your favorite” because its such a difficult question to answer. I have a wide variety of favorites. I model my vocal style after singers like Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, Julie London, James Darren, etc. I absolutely adore the old crooning Lounge style of the music from that era. I also love big band music. Glenn Miller especially. But then, I love new age musicians, like Enya. I love dubstep and drum’n’bass. I love really dark metal type stuff like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. And I love industrial. Skinny Puppy, Ogre, Nine Inch Nails. I love synth pop like And One. And of course I love HIM. I love classical. Bach, Handel, Chopin, etc. I love hip hop. I love exotic sounding world music, like Ram Dao. I love Bollywood and I love belly dancing music, and traditional Japanese music, and Irish music like the Pogues. I love opera. I love MUSIC. Everything I listen to has influenced me in some way or another.”

NanSidhe: *nods at Contessa* “She really does, she bought the soundtrack of Vic Fontaine the hologram Vegas singer from Deep Space Nine – haha!

We have messed around with a Vampette version of “Crazy” by Patsy Cline and she did an a cappella version of “Paper Moon” that was very cool. Musically I have been devoted to old style Aerosmith since I was 14! Then of course, I love the heroin influenced era of the Rolling Stones, and Guns ‘N Roses. I love the ’80s L.A. sleaze rock image and style of guitar playing. As a personal influence, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, hands down. They were advanced in the studio and live performance, they weren’t just a gimmick. I’ve been a longtime Runaways fan for their image and what they did back in the day. I love certain titles by various bands because of the CD’s production:  “Nihil” by KMFDM, “Issues” by Korn, “Dirt” by Alice in Chains, “Defenders of the Faith” by Judas Priest. I loved Bush’s first title and Stone Temple Pilots debut. I played in cover bands 4 sets a night, so it’s hard for me to get excited about bands. That sounds bad, doesn’t it?”


Ash: “Heart, Aerosmith, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Type O Negative, Van Halen, Godsmack, Iron Maiden & The Eagles. It’s hard for me to choose just one, but I guess I’d say Cristina Scabia/Lacuna Coil is my favorite singer/band. Type O Negative was my all-time favorite band until the death of Peter Steele. I enjoy many types of music, but I’ll go with goth/rock/heavy metal. My style is probably more standard rock than anything.”

Val: Do you tour, do you play live on stage, have you released any singles yet?

Contessa Primula: “We are in a pre-production mode. All of that will come in time.”

NanSidhe: “In America, the touring club and venue circuits are not what they used to be. Some clubs only have bands on the weekend and I just can’t stand playing only one set. So yes to tour and live performance, but I know we all want more!

Vampette was picked up by Delinquent Records, USA almost immediately with a pre-production deal which means basically that we have to do our time in the few clubs, work promotion (such as this interview), and then release an EP which is usually a 3 or more song CD demonstrating our sound to distributors worldwide. After that, Vampette will get the feedback and know which way to go to finish the CD as far as the fans and the buyers go. There’s so much politics to working with a label and distributors.

It’s not a garage band; Vampette can’t just throw a track up on the web. We love what we do and we have tons of fun together, but in the age of iTunes, CD Baby, and Digital Downloads, Vampette is also a job. Luckily, I LOVE MY JOB!”

Val: Tell us about yourselves as individuals (who you are as a person, your interests, where you were born, grew up, what drew you to making music and performance art, what sort of musical education or experience you gained, when your musical talent became apparent etc.)


Contessa Primula: “I was born in Augsberg, Bavaria, Germany, and grew up in south Central Florida. I loved music for as long as I can remember. My dad played guitar in a Christian band. Though my family had strict rules about only listening to Christian music, I loved everything, and often got into trouble for listening to secular music, and would hide CDs under my mattress and listen late at night while everyone was in bed. Haha.

Furthering my education is important me and I’m currently pursuing my degree in music industry communications; I have interned at a recording studio, so there ya go. Some experience. Not a lot. But getting there. It’s my life, and will continue to be my life. I was in choir in school from the 4th grade until I graduated high school, and during my 10th and 11th grade years, my choir got to participate in Disney’s Christmas candlelight processionals. So, basically, I’ve been involved in music in some form my whole life. My interests are so varied. I play video games a lot, and this is reflected in my tattoos, as all but one of my tattoos are from video games. I love music, art, literature, I love to write, I love reading, however I prefer nonfiction, though I do enjoy fiction if it is something that interests me (H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Higgins Clark, etc.) The occult is a passion of mine, but I can’t really elaborate much on that, as there is so much in a variety of areas of the occult that I’m interested in… Astronomy, astrophysics, meteorology and storm chasing, archaeology, ancient history, the list goes on and on. I could spend hours talking about my interests.”


Ash: “Besides playing music, I enjoy: reading, hiking, camping, the freedom I feel on my motorcycle, & playing video games. I was born & raised in Huntsville, AL by my grandparents. I’ve wanted to play guitar professionally since I was six years old, when I heard Barracuda by Heart for the first time. I’ve played guitar since I was nine years old & often wondered where I got my love of music… until I met my biological father last year. He has played guitar for many years & opened up for bands like Blackfoot & 38 Special.”


Tamantha: “I was born in Cullman, Al, a small town, but because of my father’s military career, I have lived all over the US and Germany as well. Luckily for me I was raised in a musical family that each hinge plays multiple instruments, and when you had no time for friends, you always had music…  Childhood trauma and misanthropy kept the music in my soul, my seductive love always faithful. I have taken college courses and taught private lessons on entry level, but music that is taught without the natural talent seems robotic and loveless. Inspiring the euphoric love for music, the message behind that stirs our spirit, is where my faith lies in humanity…”


NanSidhe: “I am from North Alabama and my mother still lives here. However, because I traveled professionally all over the U.S. with my bands in the cover tune club circuits starting in ’83, this does not feel like home – it’s just where my stuff is at right now. I had a cheap little guitar growing up, but I started playing guitar at 17, on the spot because my boyfriend at the time needed a 2nd guitarist for his band right away! So I played gigs knowing only the songs of the night – seriously. I actually did the whole classical piano lesson thing, flute and clarinet in 5th and 6th grad in school band, but seriously, I hated it because the music was so lame! Playing Aerosmith on clarinet didn’t work – haha!

I have no formal training on guitar and it may show, but I never had time to take lessons after I started performing live and making a living in a band. I play by ear and the whole concept of playing by tabs makes me insane – just manic – ask Ash about it, she knows! In the ’80s and ’90s, the whole time I was on the road, I studied the occult on the bus and in the hotels. So really, if it’s not music or magick – I am not interested at all. I am a devoted Christian Occultist:  Kabballah/Hermetics, BOTA studies of the Rider-Waite deck, Gnosticism, JudeoPaganism, Rosecrucian studies, I love Mathers & Regardi. I’m Dianic/Alexandrian trained Witch and I write contraversial books on Trinitarian Wicca (the pre-Nicean Goddess-inclusive Social Trinity). I am a longtime Hoodoo practitioner; I do Reiki when needed. I am a chosen Santera, initiated Shango Arabi, half-seated in Lukumi (Santeria), I am a chosen devotee of  Ezili Freda to the New Orleans tradition of Voodoo, and by the Pomba Gira to Quimbanda.  My house is filled with occult books, a small shoppe, guitars, and amps.”

Val: Please tell us a little about Vampette’s connection to the vampire, what inspired the name and association etc, and what inspires you and the other members.

Contessa Primula: “Well three of us are psi/sang vampires, and I suppose it was the cuteness of the name in relation to the lifestyle that made us choose Vampette.”

NanSidhe: “About two years ago I found the term in a popular culture dictionary, defining Vampettes as females who are so into vampires/vampyres that they wear the garb, have the fangs, etc. I thought, “wow, that’s fucked up! LOL!” Then I thought of Claudia’s statement in Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” – “Vampires pretending to be humans… pretending to be vampires. How avant garde!” I thought that was awesome!”

Ash: “My inspiration is the illusiveness of hiding in plain sight.”

Val: Your band is advertised as new on your website and FB page, have your members known each other long before that, have you sessioned together before making the move to publicize yourselves? Are you friends aside from being in the band, do you hang out together outside, or is it just a “day at the office”?

Contessa Primula: “Three of us knew each other for quite a while prior to the band, and then the other two were introduced to us later.”

NanSidhe: “Yes, we totally hang out any time that we all can get together in a non-band situation. That is very important! Like this winter’s flu season has been a big slowdown in our schedule. I will text everyone and say I’m having Vampette-withdrawals! Vampette is serious about the music, but we are serious about each other as friends and as a whole even more.”

Ash: “I’ve been friends with NanSidhe for over ten years. I’ve known Contessa for about 4 years, and Tamantha & O.J. for a short time, but definitely consider them as friends.”

Val: Does your music, or your music videos, or yourdress and appearance on stage make reference to the classical stereotype of the fictional vampire, or have a vampire theme? Would you like to tell us why, and what fascinates you about the image of the vampire?

Contessa Primula: “Yes, definitely. The image is so romantic, and lovely (and I’m not talking glittery pretty-boy either). It just feels right to have that image, it fits all of us, even the non-vampire members.”

NanSidhe: “Really? I don’t think so. I do think “we are naturally romantic and lovely” simply by birth, but I guess it just comes across that way I guess. But Vampette is not a cliche band trapped in “the stereotype of what vampires are supposed to listen to!!…”

If everyone expects Vampette to be only goth, dreary, dark and brooding – or only about romanticizing sex, blood and death…  no! We are still humans (well sorta – LOL!) and we have different moods and tastes, but it sounds like Vampette because we are the sound that is Vampette. If we go off the deep end and do something like Irish folk music and have Skrillex come and do his re-mix, it’s still Vampette! Contessa is planning to Dub Step our first album anyway – so come on, really people: “Vampette is not your Daddy’s        vampire band,” or something like that. I am a big fan of innuendo; I like the mystery and the charade. I love to be vampire “coy” hinting at the subject, maybe the song being smeared with Vampire-imagery, but never say the “v-word.””

Ash: “I like the seductive & hypnotic elements of the music.”

Val: What is your favorite vampire movie, T.V. series or book, and your favorite fictional vampire character?

Contessa Primula: “Hmm. Well, Interview with the Vampire, obviously. Lol, Lestat is always the vampire that comes to mind when I think of fictional vampire.”

Ash: “My favorite vampire movie is Underworld. My favorite book series is The Diaries of the Family Dracul by Jeanne Kalogridis. My favorite character is Vlad Tepes.”

NanSidhe:  “The deeply loved the Anne Rice books. I love those movies, and the Underworld movies. I did collect the “Vampirella” graphic novels for a while.”

Tamantha:  “Fav movie: “Near Dark” and “The Lost Boys.””

Val: Would you like to share with us some of the highs and lows of your band so far and your hopes for it in the future?


Contessa Primula: “Well, the lows are mostly just a couple technical issues that are being worked on. It’ll all work out. My hopes for this band are that we go as far as we possibly can, and that we all feel accomplished and proud when all is said and done.”

Ash: “I have high hopes for our music to reach a lot of different people & inspire them & touch their lives, the way music has done for me.”

NanSidhe: “The lows of this winter is definitely how sick so many of us have been (us and the rest of the United States), but it has put the brakes on for performing, rehearsing, and mostly tracking vocals. It has been like contagious bronchitis and the cough and hoarseness lasts up to 2 months for some people. All of the members are chomping at the bit to get back on schedule.”

Val: Have you had any releases/albums/hits yet? Do you have any samples up on the web?

NanSidhe: “we are still tracking the songs for the EP: “Dark Little Secret.” The songs are really perfectly matched to Contessa’s voice and her style eats them alive. Some are co-written by a few semi-famous people, which is difficult because of ego problems. Vampette has plenty more songs, but that means starting to re-track from a new set of songs.

In the meantime, Vampette has agreed to cut a track at the local college’s studio as part of the students’ grade. So! We decided to track “Bloodletting” by Concrete Blonde to release to the public, via social media. Contessa really does that sultry vampy vocal part so awesome! It will not be for sale, so theres no royalty conflict. Its not an original to conflict with the EP, and hopefully it will calm some of our rabid followers! I don’t want people to think Vampette isn’t a serious band or that we are all talk and don’t have our own music, because people have said that to us! I just want to go postal on them! LOL! I know they have no idea about contractual obligations and pre-production publicity.”

Val: Are any/all of your members participants in the real Vampyre Community, and if so, did/does this play any part in your creation of the band, its image, the genre and feel of the music or marketing for the band?

Contessa Primula: “Yes, probably. Three of us are active in the community. The other two are interested, but not really involved. Lifestylers, maybe.”


NanSidhe: “Yes, due to our area, 3 of us are active in the online and offline community, mostly in New Orleans. I will make any excuse to drive to NoLa with anybody wanting fangs, a freezy drink on Bourbon Street, to go to Endless Night, etc. I have been a member of House Scarlet Moon since its creation in 2000, we are not political at all but always have an opinion. We joined Dark Nations in 2007, and I was invited to the VVC in February 2008. HSM has always been longtime friends/community family with many southern houses.”

Val: How do you view or feel about the real Vampyre Community? (in your area or internationally or both)

Contessa Primula: “I have friends in the community both stateside and internationally. I think it’s great, because I can connect with my own kind, people from all walks of life, all areas of the globe and learn about them. The vampyre community provides a form of fellowship for everyone, and a sense of belonging to something where we may not have felt we belonged anywhere previously.”

Ash: “I think the world is made up of all types of people, some are good, and some aren’t so good. I feel the same way about the Vampyre community. Goddess! That sounded like I channeled fucking Forest Gump! “Mama says life is like a box of vampires… you never know which one’s gonna bite.””

NanSidhe: “I am more comfortable with our household, our own kind in other houses and cities, and our local Black Swan friends. The VC has been fractured for almost a decade in the U.S. We are now low key at home, we get on with the laid back New Orleans vamps. In 1999 (?) at Convergence 5 in New Orleans then in 2001, I met the formality of the Old Sanguinarium at a huge Endless Night and I hated all the Lord this and Lady that, hand kissing. Of course, now it’s the polar opposite and there is not much respect for the elders that I feel should be respected. I don’t know the answer to unifying the factions. Too many Lifestylers try to pass as vampires and they have no beacon or energy signature – I hate that! Don’t they think we know they are bold face lying? However, let me say that in 2004 – I think, we did ask a Black Swan/Lifestyler couple into the house because they were very upfront about not being vamps not even trying to pretend to be, but definitely preferring their company and event fashion. They were awesome and fit our quirky personality.  I wish there were more community gatherings, events, or vamp weekends in non-tourist cities, more affordable. Maybe that would help encourage communications, and ease tensions. Personally, I would like to have fun blue jeans, tennis shoes, and fang events! Seriously!”

Val: Do people ever ask you/the band members if you are ‘real vampires’ etc.? What do you tell them?

Contessa Primula: “I haven’t had anyone ask me that but I suppose if I was asked that it would depend on who was asking. Any normal person would probably shy away at an honest answer, and I certainly wouldn’t want to affect the popularity of the band. But if it was an open minded individual such as a lifestyler or someone actually in the community then I would most definitely tell them that yes, I am.”

NanSidhe: “I played on stage in fangs since 2006, I mean before playing with Vampette, and you wouldn’t believe how many people DO NOT ask! Seriously, the average John and Jane Doe America does not ask! Others maybe think we have seen Twilight too many times or something. Maybe they think it’s just a Hot Topic-Halloween obsession or something. It is weird. I am serious! I have always been told by female friends since back in the day at the local Q-bar scene, that I am “unapproachable.” I’m going to go with that… it hurts my ego less! LOL!

Contessa and I get asked about the fangs a lot by females in a complimentary sort of way, the same as “oh I love your purse! Where did you get it?” Haha! They always say they have wanted fangs and we have people tell us their Polygrip type cheap fang stories! We are the worst to wait – turn – run and giggle like schoolgirls “oh my Goddess, she is so totally clueless!”

Three of us are psi/sang, 1 is a black swan, and 1 is a lifestyler – but we were not telling (trying not to be all serious) and they would have to guess who is who! Honesty was not the best policy… when we tried that route, Vampette had several people stop following our band on Tumblr. I guess Vampette is going to let our music do the talking in the future.”

Tamantha: “No one has asked me if I’m a vamp yet, but if this should happen, I will ask… Are you trying to get in my bat cave?? Lol!”

Ash: “No one has ever asked me that, but I would simply ask why they ask. Do I look like a vampire? Do you believe in vampires? What’s your definition of a vampire? Then, I would simply walk away with no answer… leaving them to question in silent mystery. HA!”

Val: What sort of reception does Vampette get from the public? Are some people more friendly or hostile than others, and is it his any different to how you are received in other places such as when you are on tour? Have you ever had any hostile reactions from members of the public or from managers/owners of venues you played at?

NanSidhe: “Actually, it seems in person, everyone loves us and we’re all laughing or giggling or bitching or moaning… like a regular band – so no, hostility. We (the females in the band) do get a few overly excited young men with the whole “Wow! girls in a rock band are hot!” mentality. The next 2 levels are “girls in a band who can actually play – kick ass!”– and, eventually… Level 3, they notice we have fangs and their eyes get wide and their smiling and elbowing their friends to look at our fangs. O.j. is our self-proclaimed “Blade!” And a damned fine one at that! Of course, most of those same guys also seem to think O.J. has a wonderful job – LOL!”

Val: How does the crowd/audience react to you on stage?

NanSidhe: “The crowd reacts very positively and in the venues where the audience stands in front of the band, you can witness which people (both male and female) are drawn to certain ones of us in different ways. Most often, there are more females than male up front. And no, it’s not a same-sex oriented seduction/group thing at all! The ladies of all ages in the audience just seem compelled to come up to the stage and rock out with us – in front of us, some buy us drinks. It is definitely an energy exchange situation – if you start to notice it, it is just as plain as day. Some do the dirty dancing thing but mostly, they are just digging the aura of the band and enjoying themselves. After we get off stage, many of them don’t come up to speak or anything further.”

Val: What are the funniest and saddest things that have ever happened to you?

Contessa Primula: “Well, the saddest was having my parents reject me and my three year old son because of my non-Christian lifestyle. It has bothered me to this day. Funniest… yeah that might take a few pages so I won’t go there…haha!”

NanSidhe: “The saddest is being on the road with band mates over the years and they had a death in their family at home and we could not break our contracts to allow them to go home for the funeral. That feels so weird. Then, in March of 2007, I was heading out of town to a gig and my Mom called and said my brother was in the ER and I needed to not go for that one-nighter about 90 miles away. I didn’t think my brother was that sick and the gig was an audition for a new agency, so I went. The gig was lame, we made no money, we didn’t really want that agency if that was their idea of gigs, and when I got home the next morning… my brother was in a medically induced coma and then died 4 days later. So, yeah that still really weighs heavy with me.

But funny? I have fallen off more stages than many bands have performed on! I fell through a stage once – leave it to me to find the rotten wood! I was holding up the guitar though! I jumped off a stage to get my back-up guitar and broke two toes on my left foot that now I can’t feel or control! Later, I jumped off a drum-riser and jammed my back right before the band was off tour for Christmas. I was in serious pain, so I had “A Merry Darvon [pain pills] Christmas!” Another time, I fell into the bass player’s rig, and fell through the drum set. Then the ultimate stage situation happened as I stepped off the stage, got my balance and started to ease back up onto the stage backwards while still playing this whole time. Just as soon as I thought I had it all covered, my boot heel hung on the edge of the stage carpet and… again, I fell thru the drums! Always between the ride cymbal and the floor tom!”

Ash: “The saddest thing that ever happened to me was losing my grandmother to cancer.

The funniest thing that ever happened was “this one time at band camp..” No, wait. That’s not right. I was walking through a mall with my mom & was so engrossed in our conversation that I walked into a pole. She laughed until she wet herself.”

Thanks once again to Delinquent Records and the members of Vampette for this frank and open interview! I’m sure our readers will be looking forward to hearing more about your music and your progress in the music industry!  We at SAVN wish you all the best of everything for the future!


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