In Tune: Adam Lambert Concert Review – by Nadine

Adam Lambert Live in Johannesburg – Friday, 19 November 2012

For anyone who follows the American Idols awards, I’m sure they would be familiar with the 2009 series that featured Adam Lambert – who in my opinion, should have won. For those who don’t know him – you are seriously missing out on something epic.

I rarely find artists whose voices actually sound better live than on the radio – and in Adam’s case, it’s true. I can honestly say that this young man can pretty much sing anything – everything, and he’d so be able to pull it off.  I was hoping for a bit of Elvis, maybe a teeny-weeny sell of Queen but either way he rocked the house.

Having said that – and I must say that even though I knew he was gay, I was never aware of the type of gay ambassador he was. It came as a surprise to me, as you never see this side of him on television. (No – I don’t have anything against gay either – anyone that can wear a platform higher than me gets loads of brownie points either way). Adam’s performance gathered both straight and gay music-lovers from all over Gauteng – which was surprising to me, as I was still under the impression that gay was fairly under wraps with our strong sense of Afrikaans heritage in this country – but funny enough it was all natural. (Yes, I have been isolated from the world!)

By the end of the concert, the crowd – which was made up of gay and straight, females, males, adults and kids – dedicated fans – as a whole reached a crescendo that sent goose-bumps up my spine as the crowd’s calls brought them back for a final track. Of course, his performance of his new song “Trespassing” did not disappoint.


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