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Blood, Sympathetic Magic & Vampires

imagesI’ve often wondered about the way fiction represents the vampire and the way these vampires feed. In modern times, in more recent books, TV series and movies, vampires are shown in ways very similar to the reality – that they do not HAVE to kill those they feed from, but can be satisfied with a few sips and be done with it. Much like real Vampyres, who have standing agreements with their Donors. Continue reading


Vampyre Bytes: For Creativity That Sinks Its Teeth Into You

VB2Vampyre Bytes is a South African outlet for fiction and creativity created by participants in the ¬†Vampyre Community, primarily in South Africa, but also elsewhere. It is a site that features visual art, having the capacity to showcase video, photography, ¬†or images of other art forms such as sculpture, painting, drawing or graphic design, audio and music, writing art including fiction, poetry and other narrative forms – and it’s looking for YOU. Continue reading