Healing By Feeding: An Experiment

half_doctor_half_vampire_mug-p168764103804492055enw9p_400Val, Psion and Kay relate recent events pertaining to the mystery illness which afflicted Val, and how Kay and Psion assisted her by feeding off the life energy of the virus that threatened to kill her. This culminated in an interesting set of personal experiences, delivering a fortunate and successful outcome.

Octarine Valur:

My name is Val. Even though I am a Vampyre and we tend to have something of a reputation as being of the slightly sickly variety of person – especially when not feeding adequately, I am usually a very healthy individual.  In early December I was bitten by what I thought was a mosquito, but as I never saw what bit me, it’s possible it may have been a spider. It was a hot December evening when I felt a spot on the right side of my neck itch, and found the irony in that mildly amusing. A vampyre -bitten by a mosquito!

The next morning I awoke to find the right side of my neck had swollen some, and was warm and itchy, but put it down to the unusually irritating stings of mosquitoes these days. By that evening, I had a swelling the size of an egg on the right side of my neck and began to feel tired and slightly feverish. Being someone who doesn’t take illness lying down, and still thinking it was just an allergic reaction to the mosquito bite, I decided I could cope with it and that it would pass soon.

By the next morning I felt very run down, but the swelling had subsided, so I went to work as usual. By mid-day I felt pretty awful and had a mild fever. I decided to nip this in the bud and get an antibiotic, so I saw a doctor and went home the rest of the day. The next morning, the swelling had gone down almost completely – but on the other side of my neck, all the glands had swollen up – so much so that I could barely turn my head!

Instead of going to work, I called in sick and went straight back to the doctor – who seemed very concerned when he saw what I looked like. Blood was taken and sent off to the lab – and it’s comforting when a doctor who normally has a nurse on staff see to his patients, running around himself to see that you get what you need! I was told to stop the first course of antibiotics, and given another in its place, pain killers and fever meds, and the rest of the week bed-rest.

Things got no better. I remained tired, dizzy and appeared to weaken daily. I could no longer live up to my duties either at work or at home – or in the VC. Days passed without me even logging into various sites, and some days I did what I could from my mobile phone lying in bed. I slept the deep strangely calm sleep of the feverish. My neck remained swollen for a few days more, then subsided some, with the glands themselves remaining swollen. I became so ill at times that I was unable to drive. Close friends visited to bring me supplies. Even feeding didn’t relieve the symptoms, but merely strengthened my inner fire to beat this thing, whatever it was.

I went to the clinic several times during the next two weeks, with changes to medication and more and more blood tests, sputum tests, urine tests being the order of the day. Each time, I would receive disappointing news from the team of doctors I had been rotated between – no definite positives. The one even said to me “It’s scary how ‘normal’ your results are!” If he’s the doctor and I’m the patient, what am I supposed to say to that?

Tests for glandular fever, tick-bite fever, malaria, HIV and AIDS, and various forms of tuberculosis all came back negative. More changes were made to my medication, as the antibiotics I had been on so far – 5 of them – did not demonstrate any measurable effect. The doctor was worried – but not so worried as to delay his vacation. I was passed on to another doctor for the festive season.

The fevers which began as  a mild temperature began to spike at 40 degrees Celsius. The only thing that kept them under control was Mybulen (a Myprodol generic containing paracetamol – and I am allergic to paracetamol). These lasted for up to 8 hours, but as of the 7th hour, I would begin to suffer cold shivers that would gradually worsen to the point where I could not breathe, with my arms cramped up close to my chest, finger nails and lips turned blue. Fearing a risk of permanent damage to my health, the relief doctor had me hospitalized only three days before Christmas.

I was fed, watered, poked with needles and recorded, measured and smiled and nodded at by nursing staff. When the lab rats came to jab me with large nasty-looking syringes for more blood tests for the second time in one day, I found it hard to control my hysteria. With up to three tubes being drained out of me per time, I was beginning to feel a little thin. My strange sense of humor which appreciates the irony of it all and which pressed me to make jokes about “giving me some too” or “this is karma for all my syringe-feeding” earlier in the saga, began to fail me. By the close of day 1 in hospital I began to accept the possibility that I might die from this, whatever it was. But I was not going down without a hell of a fight.

Where the Experiment Began:

I had read the article by Kay Valkir posted on SAVN where she, as a Psi vamp, described feeding off the life energy of someone’s disease or illness, draining it, killing it. Drawing off on its life force on my own was impossible. I was too weak and could barely concentrate long enough to focus. I hadn’t been able to meditate or perform any of my usual nightly rituals for weeks. Medicine was not helping, it was only delaying things. I had to outsmart this thing, and I needed help to do it.

I decided to contact Kay, and asked her to check it out and see if she could make it work from where she was. I also drew in Psion Valur De Nocte, another highly skilled Psi, and both of them proceeded to draw off the energy of this viral infection. I dropped all my shields, weak as they probably were at the time. Both of them described it to me as a dark black mass containing an incredible amount of energy! Neither of them could drain the mass at one sitting – there was too much energy, but over the next few days they continued to do so and reported back to me on a regular basis.

Kay Valkir Noctem:

My name is Kay Valkir Noctem. I am a primarily sanguine Vampyre, but I also feed from various sources of energy. I was asked by Val to try help with the “mystery illness” that was causing her pain, fever and much discomfort.

Val asked me to try my still experimental feeding method (which I described in an earlier article) at a distance, as we live on opposite ends of South Africa. I wasn’t sure it would work as I have never tried this at a distance before. Val also brought Psion in to help.

To recap: I am trying to perfect a psy-feeding method where the Psi vampyre concentrates on for example viral/ bacterial/ or sick cells in the donor body and feeds only off those foreign cells thereby healing the donor and feeding yourself at one stroke.

My article presented the method of doing this by touching or holding your hand over the part of the body that is being “attacked” by a virus or bacteria and pulling the energy out of these invading cells, thereby killing them and helping the donor heal faster.

This is how the long distance experiment went from my side:

The evening Val asked me to try this, I sat down and concentrated on her, and what I saw amazed me!

I struggle with visualization and meditation, but this was a clear image of Val with a black ball over her, an object about the size of a soccer ball, that was so dense I could barely see through it to Val. My best guess at describing or interpreting what this was, is that this may have been the illness’ aura or energy field around the affected area.

I concentrated on that area and this time made tendrils of psy-energy reach from my finger tips to that ball, siphoning as much energy off of it as I could. We (myself and Psion) did this every night for about two to three weeks. Again, I am not primarily a Psi vamp so this was alien territory to me!

For the first week I hadn’t noticed any difference to the size or color of this dark ball, however near New Year after doing this nightly ritual of pulling energy from it, it seemed to have halved in size and become a lighter color more gray than black. As the color faded, it seemed so did the effects this illness was having on Val.

Eventually there was so very little left, it was about the size of a tennis ball by the time I stopped draining its energy, judging that it is probably smaller than its aura and if I continued I’d probably be taking precious energy from Val herself. I am far from skilled at this method of feeding and didn’t want to risk that at all.

The method I used to reach out to Val came almost instinctively, it took very little concentration at all.

I sat down in a quiet place and willed my mind to find her, when I felt I had found Val I opened what I call my “astral” eyes (for lack of a better term) and saw her as a vague metallic grey body with no distinguishable features but felt rather than saw it was her. The black soccer ball sized “aura” was not hard to miss around her neck area, I looked down at my “astral” hands and pointed all my fingers at the ball, holding them in a claw like pose. With this I saw black tendrils extend from my finger tips and insert themselves into the afflicted area, concentrating on only feeding off of the black ball’s energy field I began using the tendrils to bring “suck” out the energy and bring it into myself.

It seems we have discovered there is a limit to how much energy you can take in with this method as we could not siphon all of it at once. However limited it may be, it is effective if used daily until the symptoms dissipate.

Being a vampyre, there is an impression that we only take from our donors (or as a Psi, perhaps from others who do not know what you are doing) without giving back. Being a vampyre doesn’t mean we only have to take – but with this relatively new source or methodology, we can give those who need it, and our donors, better health – or at least soothe the symptoms of any ailment they are suffering from.

For me this means that I can help my donors as they help me! And we owe it to our donors as they strengthen us when we need the ample energy they willingly give us access to, why not strengthen them when they need it too?

I think psy-vampyres in general should attempt to at least learn how to use this method just for in case they need it to help others. We have the ability to become great healers by using our feeding method to “eat” away illnesses.

Psion Valur De Nocte:

I’m Psion Valur De Nocte, I’m a Psi vamp, Reiki Master, Energy worker, Healer and witch. When Val requested my assistance to help by feeding off the infection that was plaguing her, I was only too willing to help.

My first impression of it was a kind of glutenous, sticky mass – very dark in color and seemed to be clogging her whole body. I adjusted my shields to filter so that I could feed on the infection without being affected by it and made a kind of loop, sending reiki energy to her at the same time I was syphoning off the infection. It felt like trying to suck ice-cream through a thin straw, but I persevered.

At first, because it was so thick, I connected individual times to feed from it, but over time as I felt it lessen, I set up a semi-permanent loop, made to last as long as it was needed to send reiki and feed from the infection. This enabled me to continue to help Val without having to keep connecting with her.

I have been an energy healer and reiki master for some time, but had not previously used this type of method for healing and I was very pleased at how naturally it came to me and how effective it seemed to be and its definitely something I will attempt again.

I do feel though that its vitally important when doing this type of healing, to shield effectively so you are not getting the detrimental effects of the illness within your own body.

I think that the fact that both Kay and I were feeding from the infection at the same time make it easier and the healing more effective, although with a less severe illness, only one healer would probably be required.


I was visited on day 3 of my hospital stay by a specialist and another surgeon who had been contracted to remove a gland for analysis. Perhaps fortunately, this doctor decided to not operate, as he said “all it will show is an inflamed gland – and the same chemistry as your blood tests – that there is something causing an infection, but we don’t know what it is.” The specialist decided that due to the delay in obtaining test results with the lab being closed over the festive season, I might as well go home. I was released on day 3, having shown some early signs of improvement.

Over the next few days, I began to notice a definite gradual improvement. Before New Year, I was at the clinic yet again for what seemed like a feedback session and another pointless check-up. Blood results from the hospital once again showed nothing concrete, just that I had an unknown viral infection. The neck glands remained hard and swollen for several more days, while both Kay and Psion reported that the mass had decreased drastically from their feeding to the point where it was now a vague gray mist. They continued to feed from it. My neck at this stage had virtually returned to normal.

Two days after New Year, I went back to the clinic with a painful swollen gland under one arm, which the doctor informed me was an abscess. I was then dragged to the procedure room, stuck with another needle and the abscess sliced open with a scalpel. The gruff looking nurse stuck a long cotton bud in to get a lovely dripping yellow sample worthy of a horror movie for her waiting test-tube while I writhed and swore in a most un-lady-like fashion. The sample too was sent away for analysis, also in vain.

After 6 weeks sick, I recovered gradually to the point where I am now more or less in the same state as I was before. For a time I struggled with poor concentration and memory and also fatigue. I must acknowledge that the field of modern medicine supported me with pain killers, fever meds and loads of antibiotics that didn’t affect this thing in the slightest. The only discernible results reflected in the amount of money I had to pay in once my medical insurance ran out.

The GP from the clinic expressed surprise and relief at my “amazing” recovery, and neither he nor the specialist have provided any firm conclusions about the identity of the infection. The specialist told me “we may never know what it was”. Comforting.

Two weeks ago I received a follow-up phone call from the surgeon I saw in hospital, asking me to come in for another examination, fully expecting me to still be ill.  He was very surprised when I told him all my glands had subsided and life was rapidly returning to what passes for normal to me.

I believe a greater amount of gratitude is owed by me to Kay and Psion for coming to my rescue. I don’t know what the natural life-cycle or duration of this infection was of its own accord, but I know that without their help I would have been far worse off. Thank you to both of you.

As to the purpose of this article, I think it can provide useful information to energy-healers and specifically to psi Vampyres. It also sends a message that Vampyres need not be viewed as threatening and dangerous people who only take from others without giving back – that Vampyres can use their gift for healing others as well, in the process of satisfying their own needs.

It would be nice for people to react differently when they find out you’re a Vampyre. Instead of “Oh, you’re one of those horrible energy leeches” it would be nice to hear “Oh, you’re one of those vamps who helps heal others by killing disease”.

We would love to hear your feedback.


Feeding From Disease by Kay Valkir Noctem


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2 responses to “Healing By Feeding: An Experiment

  • Serenity

    This was great. I thank God Val was able to be healed. This just go to show that God made us special beings. That we are not evil or have any part of Satan. This is the kind of publicity our community needs to reeducate the humans on who we really and truly are.
    I too, could use some healing such as this. If only all if us could use our God-given gifts like this we would be doing all Right.

  • Serenity

    Reblogged this on Serenity's Musings and commented:
    This was great. I thank God Val was able to be healed. This just go to show that God made us special beings. That we are not evil or have any part of Satan. This is the kind of publicity our community needs to reeducate the humans on who we really and truly are. I too, could use some healing such as this. If only all if us could use our God-given gifts like this we would be doing all Right.

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