Will to Power and Elitist Societies – by Cian Ashling

secretBefore becoming aware of the truth behind my nature, I was aware of the numerous elitist societies that can be found in the mundane world. Perhaps a sign of my naivety, I failed to consider that such groups could actually be found within the Vamp(i)yre community. My true exposure to this elitist extension of the community came via a fetishist webpage and a coincidental message. The message from one such elitist, was filled with disdain for the common community, likening community members to fictional concepts like those in twilight. It is understandable that with something that is so intrinsic to our being and identity, such as our vampyric nature is, there will be a multitude of theories and beliefs surrounding it. The elitist individual prompted me to follow this ‘yellow brick road’ and this article is, in a sense, my attempt to do just that.

If anything within this article offends, please remember it is merely a newly realized vamp(i)yre trying to find her way. In fact I would humbly ask for input involving my ideas and whether the community feels they are right or in error.

So, taking from this conversation, I went in search of the mysteries of the secret Elitist few. One of the biggest problem with being that being secretive elitists, I wondered how a truth searching vamp, such as myself would find them. So I started a Google search looking at a key phrase the individual used. In the conversation, the fetishist and elitist vamp referred to the consumption of blood as, “a spiritual and ritualistic part of our faith” and not as a necessary requirement to live. This made me realise I was looking at a more spiritual form of vampirism, beyond just the mechanics.

So that is what I typed in. It led me to a conversation on a vampyric forum which, in turn, lead me to the Order of the Vampyre, the Temple of the Vampyre and the Kemetic order of Aset-ka. All three of the groups mentioned, after having looked at their webpages, are elitist, offering those who would join
a shot of obtaining the most elusive of wisdom, often attached to the attainment of longevity and superhuman characteristics.

The Order or the Vampyre’s page directed one to look at the Temple of Set, and well, I did. What I found on the order’s page were promised secrets to unlock more of your nature, being unconnected with the “new age nonsense” (my own interpretation) such as damaged Chakras and other rubbish about insufficient prana. Oh no, this is a predatory spirituality, where you gain growth through glutting oneself on the energies of others.

This knocking of others’ beliefs did shock me. But, what repulsed me was that to enter into most of these elitist groupings, one was required to purchase documents and pay annual membership fees. To me this made – and honestly, still makes no sense to me. If someone can offer an answer, I’d gladly listen.

Surely by whoring out secrets to those who can pay, you cheapen the wisdom? And to be honest I wonder if that wisdom is not perhaps borrowed from another source. Looking at the goals set out by each of these elitist societies I saw the common mission was gaining a godlike state for the individual, a way to pursue personal power to attain a superhuman state. And that recalled some of my university lectures on certain western philosophers, particularly one man,
Friedrich Nietzsche. The will to power is a common underlying theme in the theories of Nietzsche.

This will to power is the sole driving force in everything we do, a desire to reach a state of complete power and dominance. If someone is able to pursue their will to power, they would reach the level of übermensch (superhuman), the fully realised potential of the individual. (Note: this is a greatly condensed relation of Nietzsche’s concepts and I would recommend that if interested, one should read his original works for clarity and elucidation on why I would mention his work here.) I am greatly tempted to believe that these Elite groups are just selling off another man’s theories dressed up as vampyric wisdom. I hope that I am incorrect in this regard.

I am curious by nature and I sincerely wish that I am wrong in my assumptions. I would love to know the secrets taught, and the mysteries revealed within these groups. I do however find myself not agreeing with a few central key points these groups seem to hold. I believe that we should never think less of how someone else understands their nature, rather, see if you can garner something from their ideas to better mould your own. I also believe that knowledge and wisdom should be free of a price tag. Why should we pay for wisdom in a search for spiritual enlightenment?

To me it just does not make sense turning spirituality into something with a capitalist nature, the two are at odds in my mind.

Finally, I believe that no person can attain the position of übermensch. This is what I feel and think. I welcome challenging views and would like to promote open dialogue on this topic.


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4 responses to “Will to Power and Elitist Societies – by Cian Ashling

  • lilith

    great article….

  • JP Vanir

    Well alot of this secretive groups basically do not want to be overcome with roleplayers (except ToV if you pay them enough lol) and ToV actually stole there stuff from Order of the Vampyre but it is extrememly hard in this day in age to operate a big enough website and put out enough books with out needing some kind of financial help. Atleast the Temple of Set doesnt charge 300 like the church of Satan and they have plenty of rich member as you could consider them the Satanic Mafia lol so I stay away from them and I wouldnt even try to challenge ToV since they are in leagues with them. Its interesting cause Temple of Set came out of CoS after levay let the other guy take it over (somewhat) and it went to hell LOL. I have no problems myself with the Temple of Set and Order of the Vampyre and no problems with anyones personal beliefs myself but I suppose I would be offended if they thried to give me aneletist atitude which unfortunatly is all over the Vampire Community and is why so many have a problem with us.

    I personally do not believe in the broken chakra theory but actually believe we have a much higher energy metabolism and must take more in because of it. As far as the predatory spirituality – that is a term that could be misinterperated as all creatures are predators to some sort of prey and eveen vegatables are the prey to those that eat them (vegetarian). I do dispise gluttons and do not put up with those who overindulge in taking everyone energy with out permission as only ambient energy is safe anymore with out too direct of a link and and so many people need that energy for there family and job just to surive as we too need to survive. I hope I am not rampling too much or went to far into the wrong direction, lol…

  • Unknown

    If you have to worry about offending somebody due to you trying to find out who you are inside, you clearly have something that you need to deal with first. Don’t worry about what somebody will think, even if they think you are like Edward Cullen for what you feel and for who you are. We’re all different yet alike in certain ways, I hope you realize that you’re not weird or different because of who you are.

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