Christians vs Christian Extremists – By Lunah Valur Eir

B4_Rice__s160x206Human beings spend a lot of their time – far too much time, I think, seeking what they think is perfection. Some think they will find this in religion – and that following a religion will somehow make them perfect. The desire for perfection – to be perfect, when it spills over from one’s own life, into the lives of others, when it becomes an obsession – gives them the self-assurance that they can show others how to be ‘perfect’ as well – and if they resist, to force that vision of perfection on them.

This quest comes at a price, driving some to insanity and others to extremism, with a very thin line in between.

Especially when it comes to religion…

Other than when I used to go to church, I haven’t studied the Bible, so I will not quote from it; however, being a Vampyre and a Christian, there are contradictions, according to those that claim to lead the “correct” life of a Christian.

According to the Bible, it is against all Christian faiths to consume the blood of an animal, let alone the blood of a human. But does that really make Sanguine Vampyres sinners?

I don’t think so.

People enjoy the idea that God is this powerful being, the Almighty that will smite all who sin against Him, the Righteous One that will turn away all who do not conform to his ideals. These same people are the ones who spread His “word” that homosexuals will be cast into hell and that witches will burn at the stake and, and, and…

That’s not who God is… God is Almighty yes, God is powerful yes! God is righteous, absolutely! But God is also forgiving, God loves unconditionally. God does not judge. God understands what we carry in our hearts and on our shoulders. God cries when we cry and he celebrates when we laugh. God does not see color, race, nor does he see people of other faiths and beliefs as evil.

So why should he see me any different?

I am His creation. He made me with all my talents and all my faults. He knew I would awaken to Vampyrism long before I even knew it existed. He listens when I pray and I know he guides me in my times of need. I know he will never turn His back on me whether I choose to be with a man or woman, I know he understands my Vampyric needs and will not turn His back on me.

All He wants from me is to lead an honest life. A life where I am the best person I can be where my morals are intact and my intentions good. As long as I believe in Him and keep him close, what more could a Father want from His child?

Whilst writing this article, I sought help from the Christians within the Vampyre community, asking them to share with me their thoughts, views and feelings. So many were eager and gladly volunteered – and so I offer a special ‘thank you’ to you all. It’s so refreshing to have conversed with a diverse group of people from every walk of life that believe in what ‘true’ Christianity is meant to be.

This is what they had to say:

*Amy is a 32 year old psychic Vampyre. She is also part of the gay community. She was raised in a Catholic home. The family later converted to join the Jehovah’s Witnesses when she was ten. Although she no longer attends service due to homosexuality being perceived as a sin in that church, Amy stays true to her beliefs and does not let others’ perception of right and wrong deter her.

In her 32 years, Amy has received more criticism for being a Christian than what she has for being a Vampyre or for being gay, all of this stemming from  the reputation of fanatical Christians.

Being very knowledgeable about her religion from a young age, Amy did her best to spread the word of God as best she could to help people understand that there is a difference and that not all Christians are the same. She would at times be well received by people willing to open their minds and be accepting of her, however not everyone was always as accepting.

Through all this, Amy kept her strong faith, even when ridiculed by others.

*Keith is a Christian Psi-Vampyre from Orestes, Indiana. He is very open about his beliefs in the Holy Trinity and while discussing the topic at hand with him, I felt with him, a true understanding of what being a Christian is all about.

It took me away from all the prejudices of the world and made me feel that there is hope yet for our religion to be understood and accepted by people of other faiths.

When asked about the Christian extremist groups giving other Christians a bad name, he replied:

First, I do believe that the only way a person is saved, is by what Christ has done for us, and through him, we are saved by grace, and not by the works of Man. Any Christian group that goes beyond what Christ has done for us or gets people to believe that we can lose our salvation by our works, is wrong. Second, these Christian groups are using fear to control people. I have seen more [of these] Christian groups turn people away from Christ, than any other group.

Keith himself has experienced a lot of prejudice from members of other religions, because they associate him with the stereotype which Christian extremists have earned for Christians. He has tried very hard to distance himself from that stereotype by taking it in his stride and trying to show others that we are not all alike.

Speaking to *Lady V, a Sanguine/Psi Vampyre from Pasadena, Texas, about Christians vs. Christian extremists, she had this to say:

“I was raised in the Nazarene and Pentecostal church and knew about Christ since I was 9. My background today is really non-denominational and free thinking.

People have it all wrong when it comes to Christianity. Christianity has been lied about throughout the ages. In my belief, because people want to make Christ out to be something controlling and make Him out to be someone who never wants you to have fun or to be a stick in the mud…or not be yourself. Point is, that if I am not made to be who I am, what am I then? What else is there for me?

I have a relationship with Christ because I want him to guide me to make the right choices, to show me how to treat others as I want to be treated. It’s all about having good character as a human being and being good to others. Helping those less fortunate than others i.e.: widows, children, and the down-trodden and hurting.

Unfortunately, there are people out there like extremists who are just trying to push their own selfish agendas onto others and make the real Christians look bad and weak in my opinion.

So far, I have not had a conviction in my spirit that what I am is wrong. So I just live from day to day being as good a person as I can be. You cannot push beliefs on people; they either accept it or they don’t. Anything that pushes hatred, lies, ill will, malice, spitefulness or just plain ugliness onto others is not from God or Christ. They are about free will and I love that.”

Draco, a 45 year old Sanguine/Psi/Elemental Vampyre originally from England, grew up in an atheist family, where mention of God was only at scout meetings when he was little.

Throughout his years, he experienced many religions by means of interaction with his friends, but never found his missing link until his late thirties – his missing link being a steady balance between spirituality and Christianity, bringing him to God as well as to magick.

Although Draco has never come into contact with any Christian extremist groups, he did express feelings of dismay and disappointment about them, sharing with me his dreams to make all Christians more open-minded and willing to give those who are different, a chance.

“The extremists should not be classed as Christians. They forget that Jesus used to hang around with prostitutes and the dregs of society. If he came back today, he probably wouldn’t look like his pictures. He could be black or female or look like a Goth or a hobo. Who knows!

Without knowing it was him, they would attack him. They also forget that God made everyone the way they are: human, Vampyre, LGTB, disabled… He had his reason for that yet the extremists would never see it that way.”

*Shane hails from Springville, Alabama and identifies primarily as a sanguine Vampyre. He was raised in a Christian home and although he eventually formed his own opinions in certain areas of Christianity, stayed faithful to his beliefs.

Shane believes that there is a one all powerful God and that Jesus did die for us, however he also believes that there are things that have been omitted as well as added into the Bible.

When asked what his views were on Christian Extremist groups in general, he responded that he felt sorry for them, calling them “closed-minded Christians that are stuck”, who don’t have a complete understanding of what is going on around them.

Although Shane has experienced prejudice throughout his years, he has not let the stigma get to him nor has he allowed it to make him bitter.

Giselle, an Isda Sanguis, shared with me her personal views after a life which has been very involved in Christianity.

Giselle is part of a family that founded a Westlyn Methodist Church; she herself did a bit of teaching and even sang in the choir. When asked about her teachings and spreading the word of God, she admitted to sharing her faith but never preaching, and when discussing Christian extremist groups, this is what she had to say:

“They are wrong in their no tolerance approach, especially when using violence. They give other Christians a bad name and they are dangerous. Jesus NEVER chased down people to listen to him he never used violence.

Jesus was asked what the most important commandment was, and He had replied to love thy neighbour as you love yourself. He did not put in any exceptions. If you hurt or harm someone in spite of using Gods name, you are still guilty.

Another thing they tend to overlook is freewill. Jesus wants the decision to worship Him to be your own. Not because of fear of being worn down.

The last thing they overlook is that only God may judge. Only he knows what’s truly in a person’s heart.”

*Paige, a very enthusiastic and friendly young lady that also identifies as a Psi Vampyre, was raised in a Catholic home and went to a Catholic school, but made a point to tell me that school was where she learned about God but not where her faith came from. Her faith formed from various lessons in her life, to a point where she had even wanted to become a nun.

Although Paige has never been a “Bible Thumper”, as she puts it, she has admitted to enjoying teachings about other religions, asking questions and getting to know the person involved better.

Paige also expressed feelings of sorrow and disappointment regarding her church, dismay at the things they do – to an extent where she stopped going. Believing that God is with her anywhere and that she does not need to conform to what the church says is right in order to be a ‘true’ Christian. In her opinion, the churches are more about politics and money than what they are about leading the children of God.

Sadly here, I have to say that I agree.

The last message will be my own, as you all know by now, I am very open about being a Vampyre and a Christian, and have done articles about this before – however, this one is different and more special to me.

It carries sincere feelings, and a drive to change what this world has become. By means of this article, I hope to highlight the difference between true Christians and these that spill their own poison on behalf of our God, and to convey clarity to one and all that the above ARE NOT one and the same – and in so doing, finally bring peace to all those that have been harmed, emotionally, physically or mentally by the extremists.

In contrast and contradiction to these bigots, and as a Christian, I am truly sorry for all you have had to endure at the hands of people who called themselves Christians and who claimed to speak on behalf of all of us. I am sorry for the opinions these people have forced you to have. I am sorry for the rights that have been taken away, and the judgments that have been passed.

Times are changing, more people are standing up for what they believe in, and together we can turn things around. Together we can make this world a better place for every human being.

To the extremists, your days of spewing hatred and lies in our God’s name are over. No more will we sit and watch you judge others from atop your pedestals out of the harshness in your hearts while you push away those seeking the light  – no more will we stand quietly aside, enabling you to murder and maim, to incite hate and support violence in our Lord’s name, or in our own.

When will you wake up and see that it is you who is sinning? It is also you that will be judged one day at the gates of Heaven, it is you who will be asked what you did for your neighbor, and what you did against your neighbor – and it is YOU who will be turned away as you have, and continue to turn others away! No longer will you use Christ as an excuse to empower yourselves and to exert your own power and glory over those not like you, and on us – and not in our name!

We will resist you in our God’s name.


5 responses to “Christians vs Christian Extremists – By Lunah Valur Eir

  • Draco

    A wonderful order of work. Than you for letting Me be part of it. I truly hope it makes people think.

  • Serenity

    Nice post. It is nice to know that there are other Christian vampires and they have similar beliefs to my own. I myself have very conservation beliefs regarding modesty and such things and follow the Kosher rules and observe the covering of the head and the women aren’t to speak in church. I also am a pacifist and do not believe in serving the military or wars. I spent a couple of years in a Mennonite church so my conservatism comes from cultivating beliefs from them because I believe that they pretty much have it nailed down for the most part so I learn toward anabaptist beliefs as well gnostic(is that the word for believe in the lost gospels and related things?) I believe that Christ died on the cross for our sins so that one day we may join Him in heaven. I believe that we are saved by believing that but our salvation can be taken away at any moment so it is very crucial that we remain sinless or that if we sin that we ask for forgiveness from our heart. I also believe that certain parts of the Bible have been omitted and I believe that is a sin and I believe in the gnostic gospels and that Jesus took a wife and had children and the royal bloodline… I grew up Catholic but left the faith after I started college because my eyes were open to the fact that things were not ‘kosher’ in the Catholic church and there was much, much more out there the hypocrisy, etc. But anyways, that is my beliefs but what I really wanted to say is that I think God made us vampires , I don’t mean to say ‘our species’ but I mean to say us different from ‘humans’, set apart by humans and that we are special and that He loves us just the same. But that does not make us exempt from His rules and how to live. I hope you can kinda grasp the message of what i am trying to get across. It is kinda hard for me to put into words. But I do agree that we are persecuted by the Christian community when we reveal who we are and that is one reason why I do not tell people at church because of the strong beliefs against consuming blood, be it human or animal. But the thing is, when Jesus came (or was it when He died) he took away the need for the rules of the Old Testament. So if you wanted to argue the semantics of it, that particular rule really doesn’t apply. When we participate in the Eucharist, we are essentially taking the blood of Christ. So idk what the big deal is really. But anyways, that is all I really have to say on this topic at this point. Sorry if I sounded preachy in the beginning but I just wanted to establish what my beliefs are which eventually tied into the end of this, well, I guess it is an essay now LOL This was a great post and thank you for posting it. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  • Vampyrian (@Vampyrian)

    I believe a little differently but used to be Christian and have read most of the bible many times as a Theologian. I remember in the old days they used the blood of animals to forgive there sins before the Blood of Jesus Christ was the end solution. I am no longer Christian but eclectic in my personal beliefs; I am also Vegetarian and do not intake in anything that comes from non human animals. I do not drink animal blood myself – only human blood but I do not think the Christian God would have any problems with it as this article claims. Very good article and very well written!

  • Lunah Valur Eir

    thank you very much for the comments, and an even bigger thank you for taking the time to read the article.

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