Pagans In The VC – by Serephim Lena Karayan

pentacleMost Vampyres are Pagan but very few Pagans are Vampyres. Even fewer it seems, are “practicing” Christians. My struggles with finding myself have always left me searching in different directions for a religion, a belief system, a purpose if you will. Witchcraft has always intrigued me, but I was raised in the belief that it was ‘wrong’. I researched religion – from Christianity, Buddhism Islam, to Hinduism. None of these religions made sense to me; there were too many questions that had no answers. I tried practising a few of them but I felt no connection, no purpose. When I figured out that I was a Vampyre, it came as a huge relief to me. Before that, I really thought something was wrong with me – I found myself constantly seducing people and feeding off their desire. My friends put it down to “commitment issues” but I knew there was more to it . The need I felt for their desire had to be more than just a “little” issue – and then fate led me to Kay, who enlightened me in so many ways.

When I stumbled upon Paganism I was very fascinated, it was exciting it made sense I felt the connection, I found what I had been looking for. Ever since I started worship of the goddess my life has changed for the better.

My spirituality and vampirism fit me as a person perfectly, however I have faced numerous problems in my personal life. Finding a partner that can accept me for what I am has been the greatest difficulty. It’s hard for people to understand that “I love you, I have given you my heart, my mind, and my soul, but you cannot own my body”, I will always need more, it’s not that you are not enough, I need to feed…” “Ya right” they say – “You’re a slut that can’t stay faithful.” It’s testing and draining on all relationships, even though I may never sleep with, or even touch others – I need their sexual energy, It’s not easy to explain that to people, let alone for them to accept – which is where my practise comes into play.

I have performed rituals cleansing rituals often, as well as breaking binding for those that get a little too attached. It has changed my life and made things a lot easier, I am very open about my religious beliefs and tell people straight out that I am Pagan, and have not once been judged for it. For now I am just a psi-sang Vampyre who practises witchcraft, and have never been happier. Learning how to balance my thirst and my religious practise with motherhood, a career and a relationship, has been a very trying period of my life – but I strongly believe that I could not be one without the other. My vampirism and spirituality are in sync, balancing my life. I look at myself as Yin and Yang, my practise keeps me balanced.

My son is a Christian, so I assume he prays and sings to Jesus – and that is fine by me, as long as he is happy in his belief system (as happy as any four year old can be). I will leave him to decide for himself once he is old enough to understand each belief system. And as for people’s opinions, I am what I am nothing more and nothing less… If you cannot accept me, you don’t deserve the privilege to know me.

I asked some Pagan friends in the VC to share their stories about their spirituality, and this is what they had to say:

Anonymous: “Nobody really knows about my spiritual path except my family and close friends, i don’t hide it but it’s more of a denial relationship.. They don’t ask I don’t tell It hasn’t affected my career at all because in my career I get to preserve life. There’s no conflict at all.. In the past it used to be a issue but now that I’m married to someone that has the same views as myself there aren’t any problems.. I raise my children as open minded as I possibly can, I teach them all cultures and religions, I believe they will choose what’s best for them at the right age.. I am only one person and as a spiritual person I feel a lot of things, especially in life and my religious views.. It’s who I am it won’t change.. My mother is a Wiccan witch. Paganism was something that was very openly practiced at home.. it hasn’t affected me in any negative ways, it taught me to respect every aspect of life… I will teach my children the same way I was taught..”

The lovely Lazem Fyre VonDraco Dravana: “I have had no ill effects on my friendships, I have always surrounded myself with open minded people! I also have an ‘open-minded’ boss… he knows of my being a witch, though I think he believes me to be kidding when I say I am a vamp… lol. My relationship is perfect! To find your soul mate that is the same as you, which I have done! My son is of my blood, he shares the same as me… my daughter, she has chosen a different path… but I believe &  have taught them to be themselves & their beliefs are their own! I have always felt there is a strong connection for me between being a Pagan and a Vampyre… respect being one of the most important and has only improved it & strengthened my confidence in who I am! I was raised to believe in the bible and its words, but as small child I always found myself ‘questioning’ the book…. I knew my heritage was from the ancient & old ways… to believe with my heart. I have a VERY understanding mother… she also taught me to be myself, even if it is not what she believes in! I am fortunate and blessed!”

Nicola Storm: “Being a Vampyre and a Pagan has shown me who my real friends are.”

Kay: “I eventually found out my friends were tolerant. Some have actually worked up the courage to ask questions about what I believe and how I believe. I know most Pagans – and certainly most Vampyres are not as lucky.

I have had 2 girlfriends that called me a ‘devil-worshiper’ and one that called me ‘a devil’ (due to the vamp side). However, most were nervous at first and then just ignored it.

Being a vamp however came to me as a shock and I denied it for a long time, Being part of the SA Vampyre community has helped me come to terms with that though. I did not grow up a Pagan. My mother is agnostic and i think my dad is athiest, but I’m not sure about that. They brought us up without religeon and gave us the right to choose what we believe in.

My wife accepts my religion and my Vampyre nature fully, even though she is Christian. We are living proof that Christians and Pagans can live together in harmony. I dont have any children, unfortunately. Being gay, it is very difficult and extremely expensive to get pregnant. Most Vampyres are Pagan but very few Pagans are Vampyres. On the spiritual side for a Vampyre it makes more sense to be a Pagan as that religious umbrella allows for our needs, whereas most other mainstream religions don’t. Paganism has been a wonderful world-opener for me, it has made me feel at home with my surroundings and given me unbelievable insight and knowledge about my world.”


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