It’s Only Words… – by Psion Valur De Nocte

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me” This is something that we often said as kids, but it is only when you get older that you realize its the biggest load of crock ever. Words are among the most dangerous things in the world, they can cause fights, arguments, ruin relationships or marriages, bring down companies or countries and cause wars.

I’m sure that this has been a problem since the first human uttered the first word, and as the world has evolved the problem has evolved with it – and the more complicated life becomes, the more complicated the problem becomes.

Social networking online is a wonderful tool for bringing people from all over the world together, but it has serious drawbacks – one of the main ones being that with the written word, one cannot ascertain facial expressions or tone of voice and therefore often words can be misunderstood.

Also, we assume that private groups and private messages are just that, private……seriously, are we deluded? This is the internet people, NOTHING is private. A secret is only a secret if ONE person knows it. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to catch a wake up!

I have seen MANY articles etc talking about how things people did/said/posted on the web came back to bite them in the butt at a later stage and yet we still don’t learn. One pic posted by one person, can go viral within minutes – and even if that original poster deletes it, its too late cause it’s then out there and will be for all time.

You would think that by now everyone would know to be careful what they say and do on the internet, but apparently that isn’t so. I see examples of that mistake daily. In some instances its a good thing, with issues that need to be dealt with being brought out into the open – but I guess that depends on what side of the issue you are on.

I’ve seen it said that people should count to ten before they say something, to make sure that it is in fact what they want to say, and I can see the value in that idea – but it will be a bit weird if everyone is pausing for a few seconds every time they want to say something and teaching and meetings would be a bit annoying to say the least LOL That idea is not really feasible in real life, but the idea should be noted, especially when on the internet.

When you are on the internet, ALWAYS be aware that what you say WILL get out there, so make sure it isn’t something that will come back to bite you in the butt – or neck as the case may be 😉 Words can cause harm – to you or to others. Remember that with every word you say or type.

Bite me!


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