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It’s Only Words… – by Psion Valur De Nocte

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me” This is something that we often said as kids, but it is only when you get older that you realize its the biggest load of crock ever. Words are among the most dangerous things in the world, they can cause fights, arguments, ruin relationships or marriages, bring down companies or countries and cause wars. Continue reading


Nightside? Or Fakeside? – by Psion Valur De Nocte

It is acceptable and sometimes even necessary for those in the VC to have ‘nightside’ profiles on some social networking sites and elsewhere. For security reasons in some counties this is vital and in cases like this, usually its just the name that is different, but most personal info is the same as the ‘dayside’. However, sometimes the question is raised whether this can be taken too far? In my opinion, the answer to that is a huge YES! Continue reading

Culture Shock – Part 2: Bats of a Different Shade

Newcomers to the South African VC are often frustrated by some aspects of our culture. They struggle with the terminology, they find the culture cryptic and arcane, and some things just don’t suit some of them all that well. In part 2 of this series of articles covering a few examples of issues which give the noobs (and then the rest of us) a headache in the local community, we take a brief look at the different kinds of Vampyres you will find in the VC. Continue reading

Don’t Feed The Trolls

I thought I should make the subtitle of this piece “How To Identify A Role-Playing Troll In Online VC Forums”, seeing as we seem to get so many of those. Continue reading

The Lestat Delusion

Being a so-called “alternative community”, our eyes are opened to a strange world where the average person’s idea of what is “only make-believe” is our reality. However in our acceptance of what we are, and those who share the community with us, have we become gullible and  even afraid to question people about their claims? Continue reading

Interviews With Vampyres – An Appeal For Caution

Journalists love vampires. Partly this fascination comes about when they hear of individuals who identify as vampires. Imagine the front-page-potential that angle holds. It’s no wonder then, that often the Vampyre Community is viewed with suspicion by those who have only had a tiny glimpse into what is a tight-knit community, focusing on only a narrow part of what is really a rich and diverse subculture. Many times this suspicion is fueled by the application of assumptions and stereotypes, and a known tendency of the media to exaggerate and to sensationalize aspects of our culture in a manner that panders to those adept at stoking fires of “satanic-panic”, which has in the past led to witch-hunts and persecution for many closed communities. Continue reading

The Vampyre’s Survival Guide – Nightside, Dayside, and Twilight

Digital VampyresThe internet. Facebook. These days the Vampyre Community is mostly online. We join groups and sites we find interesting, or which are a part of the online vampire community (or OVC). We sometimes think it would be nice to be open about what we are, even about stepping out of that coffin – until reality sets in, that is. Continue reading