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None So Blind…

Sooooo, I was perusing my news feed on FB and saw some posts about pit-bulls and personally, I think that pit-bulls get a bad rap. You don’t really get bad dogs, you get bad owners and that got me thinking about the whole nature vs nurture thing and narrow minded thinking. Continue reading


A Rose By Any Other Name – by Psion Valur De Nocte

In days gone by, Pagans had to hide themselves to avoid persecution and even death. Even in more recent times, since the introduction of the world wide web, Pagans have felt the need to hide their identities and often did that by using an alias, which might have been a magical or craft name or simply a name they picked because they liked it. Modern day Pagans realized the necessity to have a way to be who they were, without risking their jobs, families, reputations by being labelled a witch or whatever else they happened to be. Continue reading

It’s Only Words… – by Psion Valur De Nocte

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me” This is something that we often said as kids, but it is only when you get older that you realize its the biggest load of crock ever. Words are among the most dangerous things in the world, they can cause fights, arguments, ruin relationships or marriages, bring down companies or countries and cause wars. Continue reading

Nightside? Or Fakeside? – by Psion Valur De Nocte

It is acceptable and sometimes even necessary for those in the VC to have ‘nightside’ profiles on some social networking sites and elsewhere. For security reasons in some counties this is vital and in cases like this, usually its just the name that is different, but most personal info is the same as the ‘dayside’. However, sometimes the question is raised whether this can be taken too far? In my opinion, the answer to that is a huge YES! Continue reading

Are All Vampyres Created Equal?

Something I have noticed is that MANY vampyres are either witches or at least pagan and that got me thinking… are all vampyres created equal? I don’t mean that in a bad way, because I don’t think that any vampyre is better than any other, but with regard to their abilities, there may be differences. I have natural witchy abilities and therefore any energy work has always come easily to me. I had assumed that energy work would come easy to all psi vamps too but I have discovered that that isn’t necessarily so. Continue reading

Get Up, Stand Up…

I came to a sad realization recently….well, actually, it’s a realization I’ve had before, but it was proven yet again. I will be speaking generally in this article, obviously it won’t apply to everybody. In most groups/ organisations/ clubs/whatever, there are the members that do and the members that don’t. Its always the same few who get involved, who make things happen, who discuss and give input and the rest just pop a head in here and there, but thats about it. What is it then, that creates this situation? Continue reading

Valid Theories, Or ‘Send-me-to-the-loony-bin’ Ideas?

Sometimes things mull around in my head and at the moment, I have two ‘theories’ doing that. I have not fully researched either of them or really thought about them in great detail, but I’m gonna put them to paper now to see what all of you think. Continue reading