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SAVA Senatorial Elections Held 23 January 2015

SAVA GlyphInternal SAVA elections were completed this past week to select Senators for the SAVA Shadow Senate in accordance with the parameters set by our Membership Mandate. Continue reading


2015, A Year Of Change & Growth

2015With each new year, SAVA continues to change and grow from strength to strength. Starting the new year off with a bang, we can see that 2015 will be no different!

Among the changes already apparent very early in 2015, we see a resignation and several promotions, and the likely announcement of imminent Senatorial elections. Continue reading

SAVA Senatorial Elections Held 18-20 March 2014

Hi Res NarrowInternal SAVA elections were held this past week to select Senators for the SAVA Shadow Senate in accordance with the parameters set by our Membership Mandate.

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Formation Of New Council Heralds Growth In SA VC

SAVA GlyphAs some of our long term participants may recall, the High Council system of the SAVA was disbanded roughly a year ago. When it went, it took with it the system of Magisters and Secundi that had been in place from the very founding of the SAVA. Ours has been a young community, and we had several important lessons to learn. It is said that when you do nothing, you make less mistakes – and in all honesty, we have made our fair share, so doing nothing is certainly not something we can be accused of. Change has again come to the SAVA, with the formation of a new body designed to replace the old High Council system, heralding opportunity for growth and development of our community and its culture.

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Magisterial Election Results

The SAVA Magisterial Elections are officially over, with the first round concluding on Friday. The second round ended today at 2pm, with the selection of Halo Secundi for two Halos, thereby concluding the elections. Results below. Continue reading

Magisterial Candidates For 2012 Have Their Say

With the SAVA Magisterial Elections in process, we look at a few basic points about the elections which the community may find interesting.  We also have some of the candidates running for election answer a few questions about different issues currently facing our community. Continue reading

First High Stakes Elections For SAVA

Politicians are often compared to Vampyres, but it’s not often that Vampyres are compared to politicians, and even less frequently in a factual sense. It’s Magisterial election time in the SAVA, and with the key seats on the High Council to all nine Halos at stake, things are set to get interesting for our community – and there is probably little more entertaining than Vampyres dashing about in evening-wear and capes, flashing brightly polished fangy grins and saying highly original things like: “Vote for me!”

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