Are All Vampyres Created Equal?

Something I have noticed is that MANY vampyres are either witches or at least pagan and that got me thinking… are all vampyres created equal? I don’t mean that in a bad way, because I don’t think that any vampyre is better than any other, but with regard to their abilities, there may be differences. I have natural witchy abilities and therefore any energy work has always come easily to me. I had assumed that energy work would come easy to all psi vamps too but I have discovered that that isn’t necessarily so.

Yes, some are VERY skilled, but others not so much and I wonder if it has something to do with their abilities as a witch too. Are psi vamps who are witches more skilled at energy work than those who aren’t witches? I realize that newly ‘awakened’ vamps need training, however, when I look back, I can see that I was using skills that I had before I even knew what they were.

I have to think that there is no coincidence that so many vampyres are witches or witches are vampyres. Is it simply because of a way of thinking or is there more to it? I think there is more to it and I am still trying to process what, although my way of thinking applies more to those vamps who can psi feed because both witches and psi vamps work extensively with energy. Witches however (generally) tend to work with energy in a wider sphere than psi vamps do.

I wonder how many witches are latent vamps, who just do not realize that they are…..and in this respect I am talking more about those who are born witches, rather than those who learn witchcraft. There are many theories about where we (vamps) might come from and I feel that this is linked in there somewhere too and if we can trace all those theories back, they will all end up in one place. (lol yes, I know, more of my ‘valid theories or looney bin ideas 😉 )

Witches (past/fictional/present) were burned at the ‘stake’, they practice rituals at night, they are thought to ‘fly’, they are able to cast spells and they create and utilize energy. Vampyres (past/fictional/present) were ‘staked’, they come out at night, they are thought to ‘fly’, they can influence people and they inspire (create) and utilize energy.

Do witch/vampyres have more energy skills than those who are simply vampyres? What do you think? Is this another ‘class’ of vampyre? Does it really make any difference if it is? And what about those who have other elements to themselves besides being a vampyre….is this the evolution of a species or a case of inter-classification breeding?

Personally, I’m inclined to think that its the evolution of a species and inter-classification breeding which started quite some time ago and its just becoming more noticeable now because of the fact that internet communication is making us more connected and therefore more aware of what is happening throughout our worldwide community.

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One response to “Are All Vampyres Created Equal?

  • vampyrian

    My belief is that we are technically all the same psi, sanguine, tantric, what have you. They are all just methods of feeding. I also believe Witches as well those with psychic abilities are a form of Other Kin and Vampyres are Otherkin as well (Vamp Kin). Humans are just animals as science teaches us and the Other Kin (Vampyre Kin) is a Spiritual one being a condition of the Spirit (that is what other kin means after all). However there is Spiritual Evolution but that is a very long and complicated process esp for a human (animal) and that could allow ones spirit to evolve and gain psychic abilities (such as witchcraft ect).

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