None So Blind…

Sooooo, I was perusing my news feed on FB and saw some posts about pit-bulls and personally, I think that pit-bulls get a bad rap. You don’t really get bad dogs, you get bad owners and that got me thinking about the whole nature vs nurture thing and narrow minded thinking.

In a way, the pit-bulls problems are similar to our own, people blindly believe all the bad hype about them and don’t bother to actually find out for themselves if they are really the way that some make them out to be. Change “pit-bulls” to “Vampyres” and you have the same scenario.

With the narrow minded thinking of so many in this world on so many subjects, its surprising that our world moves forward at all. Its normally fear that makes people react in that way, but that then brings up the question, why are they so afraid? I guess that as someone who is always willing to explore, research and learn, I will never understand that kind of mentality and I just find it so sad that so many miss out on all the wonders in our world because of their limited view.

I have often tried to open the eyes of some, but geez, I think that superglue must be making good business in the eye depatment, because some eyes just cannot be opened. I guess that all we can do in this regard, is to keep trying to show that we are not the monsters that some make us out to be.

And folks, the topic of monsters brings me to the next part…. *sigh* As much as I wish I didn’t have to say this, there are ‘bad’ pit-bulls out there, just as there are ‘bad’ Vampyres out there (although some are just pretenders *rolls eyes*), and this, in my opinion is often (and please note, I said often, not always) a case of nature vs nurture. A guy who gets a pit-bull to use as a guard dog or fighting dog (and that one totally horrifies me) and who gives it no love, just trains it for the purpose he got it for, will end up with one of those ‘bad’ pit-bulls which ruin the reputation of the breed – and it’s not the fault of the pit-bull at all, it’s the fault of the asshole owner.

With vampyres, its a bit different, but in a way it can be the same. A person who has a bad awakening for various possible reasons or a bad upbringing might very well ‘create’ a bad vamp, which is not really the fault of the vamp, just a consequence of the circumstances. In both instances, I think that its possible to turn the scenario around, but it takes time and patience and unfortunately in some cases it just might not work out well.

However, in the VC, there is always the chance of getting those ‘pretenders’ who are not vamps at all, but just say they are for the purpose of taking advantage of people, sometimes in illegal ways. And THAT is a real problem.

In closing, just remember that not every pit-bull is bad and neither is every vamp, so lets just have some compassion and realize that sometimes it’s the circumstances that are the problem, not the person/dog.

Bite me!


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