VC Puts Animal Ethics In Writing

Vampyres as people care for and enjoy the company of animals as much as anyone else. However, sometimes circumstances arise where Vampyres may make use of animals as donors or sources, and it is at this point that certain ethical issues come into play.

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance, a leading body in the international community, has recently issued two statements, clarifications and community guidelines surrounding the issues of animal use and abuse.

Decrying matters such as cruelty, unreasonable suffering and other features which the community in general find to be unacceptable and unnecessary, the statements put in writing what can be described as a generally satisfying.

In the first statement from the 20th of January, the AVA says: “there is a clear line between a person doing what is humane and necessary to satiate hunger or blood thirst and a person expressing a potential underlying psychosis wherein one revels in a desire to cause suffering to an animal while encouraging others to participate in kind.  Additionally, we can think of no justifiable reason for sanguinarian vampires to take the life of a dog, cat, or similar domesticated animal for purposes of blood drinking.

How seriously does the VC view this matter? This could be summed up in the closing paragraph of the first statement, which says: “If you witness someone who is inhumanely harming and taking the life of an animal under similar circumstances like the ones we have outlined above please report them to your local authorities, animal shelters, and the local vampire community.

Although to date the  SA VC has not generally encountered nor perceived any known animal abuse within the local Vampyre Community itself, it is known that within the society in which we live, there are those who do not share  these values, and for whom the suffering of another being holds no import. You need only contact your local Animal Anti Cruelty League or Animal Welfare Society to learn about the heartrending cruelty of ordinary mundane humankind.

Both statements by the AVA have been circulated locally by the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA), with the ethical guidelines document being adopted as part of SAVA’s policy, and may be viewed here.


1. Official statement from the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA), Atlanta Georgia, January 20, 2013 and Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) official Community Ethical Guideline, issued on January 22, 2013.


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